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Pioneer Farm Goods or Urban Coop

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Anyone have any experience with a coop from Pioneer Farm Goods,, or urban coop company,

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I just purchased a Medium Chicken loft from Pioneer and it's great. I also have a coop from Chicken Saloon (which I don't recommend) and the larger Formax coop. The Pioneer far exceeds the Formax which I thought was pretty good. The Pioneer is super tough and sturdy (and heavy) but it's easy to put together and can be moved by two people if need be. You can also easily take it apart or take off nest boxes to move or clean it. I would definitely buy another if need be.
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I ended up buying one myself last September. I love it. Buying another in a couple of weeks.
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This is an old post, but are you still liking the Pioneer Farm Goods coop?  It's plastic, so easily washable, yes?  Also, Does it really stay cool in sun like they say?

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I am going to add another request for feedback on the Pioneer Coops for this older thread.

I see they are the Green Frog Design coops designed in the UK - they don't have the full range of models nor the accessories available to the Brit's though. The big model just below the giant chicken wagon was interesting to me but it's not an option Stateside.

Has anyone used either a GFD Coop or a Pioneer Coop - in the US - where it snows quite heavily and is bitter cold in the winter? I am in Michigan and love the idea of the recycled materials but am concerned my Chicks would turn into Chicken-sickles.

Thanks for any feedback!
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