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Red Rangers

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I got my first run of meat birds 3-weeks ago. Red Rangers, already pretty well feathered out and living outside.
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Where did your order your birds from?
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Mcmurray hatchery
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I took this picture five days ago and I swear they have doubled in girth since then
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7-weeks old now and starting to get thick, probably start butchering in another week or so
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8-weeks some are about ready to process

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Looking good. Mine are 9 weeks old but not processing size yet, I'd say they might dress out at 3 pounds, they seem to be growing slower. How many do you have to process?

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I have 10, my first go at raising some birds for meat. A couple of mine are. 4-5 lbs I'm going to weigh the bigger ones later today.
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Weighed one of the bigger ones thus afternoon and it was only 4.8 so I'm giving them another week or two before I start.
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At what week did you move them into the coop. New to this and I have 6 red rangers (straight run). They are a little over four weeks and getting bigger every day. A lot of feather growth as well, but still not completely covered. We live in PA, so it still gets to around 45 degrees at night.
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