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Lol i have tried the other burns in the mess up ones place sadly it didnt do anything either so its the spot. And i would be freaking iut organic however it would have already got me a new stove mmmm no i couldnt pretend grr lol. And i agree i am getting jealous as well i think the heart cheese cake is just showing off how did you get them to look like hearts?


Funny story on my cheesecake. I've been making the same one for about 15 years now. I had a GF in high school that loved cheesecake. So I probably made well over 100 cheesecakes during our relationship..haha  and finally after lot's of trial and error came up with the "one" recipe.  


The little hearts are very simple and make for a great presentation. Just start with dots smaller to larger from the center out. Then run a toothpick through them from center out. That one in the pic was blackberry from some blackberries I picked out back but you can use any fruit. red and black look really nice together

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those still look good!! Ok i am getting hungry for homemade bread.
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Mmmmm ok i am not a huge on cheese cake or sweet but i am want a slice now. Blackberry filling sounds sooo good!! I need to eat breakfast before i look at any more food lol.
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I agree homemade bread sounds good. But I desperately need to clean my kitchen first. I did not get anything done yesterday, the littlest monster was too needy, we will see if today goes better.
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Opposite here i got alot done however i think i over did it alittle i fix that fence i told you about and cleaned most of the house only have two things left the bathrooms and mopping.
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You shouldn't over do it. The house isn't going anywhere, try to sit down.
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I plan on relaxing for the most part today. I have two loads of laundry to fold and dishes i am not doing any other cleaning today lol i could barely walk last night and i am still sore today so i am going to take it easy.
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Yeah, I believe it. I realize your full of hormones telling you to get the house ready, but you cannot let yourself overdo it.
I hate folding laundry. I think that is my least favorite job.
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Here it took me forever to find this
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Lol totally agree between that and dishes. I hand wash dishes so its not my favorite at all. But i finally have almost all the cloths done i dont want to fall behind again lol i have a load drying and one in the wash that needs some more cloths before i start it but outside of that i am done. As of this tuesday i hit 39 weeks so i am almost done wooohooo lol hard to believe i feel like i just started. And is your little on not feeling well? Lucy caught a cold and of course gave it to mommy so we both been under the weather not feeling the best one reason i dont like winter its to easy to get sick.
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