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Carroll County Maryland Zoning Issues - Page 2

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According to the Declatory Ruling 1-2010 on the keeping of domestic animals as pets, which I received from the zoning office, it says on lots of 3 acres or larger in the Agricultural district, you can have as many sheep, goats, cows, or horses as you want, so I would assume that applies to chickens as well. It's only on less than 3 acres that the zoning administrator's interpretation guidance starts becoming meddlesome and arbitrary.

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Thanks :-)  I will give it a try.  anything will help at tis point.


Sure am starting to regret living in Carroll County MD!!!

Yeah right! With their lack of bureaucracy on such trivial things we'd be overrun with chickens.


Your situation doesn't make a lot of sense. You registered your flock, why was number of flock not brought up then? Have had them from before the new ruling to which doesn't even sound like a ordinance/law rather a tacked on nuisance edict. If it was a county ordinance then it would be in their public records. Are you sure this is the county contacting you and not the city/town? If it's the city/town then tell them to shove it. Their silly little rules have no bearing on county ordinances in AG zoned areas. Period.


If your ruling goes south in county court you'll be granted a reasonable number of days to comply with the ruling. They will and can not come right over and grab your birds that day or the next. It's scare tactics and it all makes me think it's the city overstepping authority.

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Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.


-Charles Dudley Warner


Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.


-Charles Dudley Warner

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The thing that got me with my original barn and zoning was not the size of my property, but the size of my neighbors.  Once my neighbors property size dropped, it changed my set backs.  Go figure.

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I know this thread is old, but I was going to buy a home in carroll county that is 2 1/2 acres. I called zoning and they said I could have:


18 small animals

2 larger animals such as goats and sheep


I cannot have:








You can only have these things on 3+ acres apparently. UGH!

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Carroll County is really behind the times with regards to land use and animals. If we could buy again, it would NOT be in Carroll County. As it is, we can't get out of here soon enough.

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