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 I feel your pain, I can't believe chickens are legal in Tampa but not the county.  I have  1/4 acre lot with fenced yard not an HOA. Chickens and peacocks run all over the area I live in, but if I put a coop in my backyard and someone reports it I'll have to get rid of my chickens, makes no sense.all my neighbors have stated they don't care if I have chickens, but it just takes that one driving down the street. I walk my neighborhood on a regular basis, and I see the coops and chickens carefully tucked away and disguised.

When I moved  here from the Florida panhandle never dreamed this would be a problem, I called code enforcement and was advised "no I can't have chickens, but we don't go looking for them, the only way we know you have chickens is if your neighbor complains, then you have to get rid of them."  So should I take the chance?  How can I help  to change this?

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I dont know how you could help. Every year, end of year, my husband has to work weekends, six and seven days a week. He installs chilled water systems and they shutdowns on them are done during cooler months. The code and zoning inspector didnt come back until February to see if we free ranged, moved or got rid of my chickens. They are still here. I explained my husband having to work and it is hard to build new housing when you have to work like he does.

The way it works is, they come out and you get a written courtesy letter. They come out again, which now has been done, and you get a certified letter giving days. After that you must have them gone or you have to go before the board. I am not well enough to have to go anywhere. I am pretty much home bound. I visit my mom. I go to church Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I go to the grocery store. Sometimes Walmart. I stay home as much as is possible.

I call our commissioner and sent email. He agrees how stupid it is that we could have free range chickens but not housed chickens. He said they did a vote on it about six years ago and it was voted out to allow all of Hillsborough County to have housed chickens. He contacted code and zoning and made it where I could talk to some higher up person. This person extended or days. Inspector was to come out on February 4th but it was extended til February 26th.

My husbands overtime is done with. We had the chicken housing built for the two bantams done in November. It is an 8x4 build. My husband has now finished the housing for my two Wyandottes. It is and 8x8. This coming Monday, I will be buying a bail of hay, some Sweet PDZ and pine shavings to spread into the new housing on Monday. Tuesday I will be moving my two Wyandottes into their new housing. Wednesday I have church, so Thursday I will be moving my two bantams. Friday week, the inspector is to come back to my house to see if they are gone.

The whole ordeal has kept me very sick. The neighbor started yelling at my husband this evening. I walked out there. By then it was my neighbor and his wife yelling. My husband told them to just leave us alone. They continued yelling. So, I went out and tried to be nice. I explained where the free range chickens came from, that they are complaining about. They continued yelling. I have eaten these people's crap, remaining silent, for four and a half years. I still tried to be nice. They continued yelling. Well I finally blew my top. The woman kept running her mouth. I headed their way, closer to the fence, and by the look on my face, that woman turned and began to run. I told her they have harassed and antagonized me for four and a half years. They have mistaken my silence for weakness and she best get her butt back into her house because I have had enough of them!!

They called the Sheriff. The Sheriff spoke to us. We told of what took place. The Sheriff asked, so who was throwing the rocks!!!! We threw nothing! These people have been lying ever since we moved here!! I could tell by the surprised look on our face, the Sheriff believed us and knew those people lied. I will say this, I have eaten their crap in silence for four and a half years. If I am out there blowing my top, people better get off of me because that means I have had it! I am sick of it! I can see why neighbors kill neighbors!!!! I see why it takes place. I never understood before but now I can see why people kill people. You got some blooming morons antagonizing you - bullying you - for years --- and you think eventually someone couldnt snap???? I can see why this world has gone insane. There are too many people like my neighbors who antagonize people until they lose it!! 

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Hi ladies....I live in Seffner and I'm so glad I found this thred...... I just received a letter from my hoa that I too have to get rid of my precious girls but there is no way in hell that's happening! I'll move them inside first if I have to!!! It is sickening that trying to eat sustainably (we eat the eggs only) and reducing our carbon footprint by doing a little backyard flock keeping and organic gardening can cause so many issues! We should be applauded and modeled after not shunned and criticized... what the hell do these "people" not get about we NEED to change the way we eat and grow our foods in order to save our planet? I'm sorry for venting here but I too,have been in tears and absolutely sick over the battle that lies ahead for my little feathered babies and I!
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Please help with legalizing backyard chickens. If There is anyone working on this currently in Hillsborough county with any of the commissioners, please let me know which one and what I can do to help.
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For all those Hillsborough county chicken lovers,glorious news. I have been informed (not stating who because I don't want this person to get in trouble)that starting in January 2017, ordinances will be changed to finally recognize chickens as pets in residential areas!! This has been stated after numerous visits from code enforcement, resulting in us having to give up our girls. I was not given specifics,like coop size, how many per square feet etc., but apparently, it's coming. I was told the same thing from a guy at our local feed store, who was also battling code restrictions. I've been checking online and asked the person who told me. He stated nothing will be presented online yet but to start looking come January. He also said the bock bocks will have to be registered in order to avoid fine. Now, this doesn't change HOA restrictions though, but it does provide hope and possibility of a change. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the information goes to fruition.
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Wow! I know bad neighbor problems can be the most stressful situations possible. But you must think about all the good things in your life. Take positive steps to mitigate the bad. You have a husband for one thing. I would love to have found a life helpmate but have been single for a very long time. Think about that blessing( I hope he is a blessing). Also be glad you were able to move your chickens to your Mother's house instead of just having to get rid of them. Hopefully she lives close and you can visit them often. The first thing I would do is build a new tall fence squarely on your property blocking any view or ready access to your property. If he complains about the condition of the old fence just tear it down. Make sure you leave a marker to denote the property line so he can not cross over and put anything onto YOUR fence. Lastly, see a doctor for that depression it sounds like it is getting out of control. I bet you may even be able to get the doctor to write a letter saying that you need a chicken as a Therapy animal.Look up the Federal Laws dealing with Therapy animals.  I saw on TV that someone took a certified Therapy Turkey onto a plane. Therapy animals are protected Federally so even your nosy code compliance officer could not do anything about that. You may have to settle for one or two hens and not the roos though. Remember God is in your life and can bring you comfort in any terrible situation. Just call out for his help in dealing with all your problems. God Bless You!

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I would think that even if chickens were legalized, that an HOA would still have the right to restrict them. I hate HOAs , would never live in one.

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any new updates? the HC website doesn't give any indication

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No not yet. According to code enforcer, we should not see anything posted through hc website until after the new year . I'm going to be checking kinda obsessively so if I see anything, I'll post right away and hopefully be planning a chicken party!!
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any news??

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