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Thanks so much! I'm trying to convince my husband that we absolutely need an adorable tiny turkey... I don't think he's convinced yet...

tiny pa not too far...

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Yes my chickens love love love to be roaming around....but they surprising don't mind some confinement.   I find that people are delighted at how healthy and vibrant my pullets (and cockerels) are on free range.


No on is feather issues (other than moult right now)   etc.  However when I want to breed...there will be confinement for a few months.  It is what it is.  Stil outdoor, and I will still give free range in a rotation, for that wonderful health and robustness.  I have only had great success with hatch rates with D'uccle broodies..  I understand this is not the same as incubator....maybe I need more D'ucceles...they love to sit. :)

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So did you ever get your money back ?  Just wondering as I noticed they are advertising on Craig's List again,

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beware 8 chicks ordered January and nothing but empty promises! not at all professional. got to go through pay pal to get my money back.

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So I've been waiting since March for my chicks.. I was told two weeks ago I would get an email this weekend to tell me they were ready .. I have nothing. Feeling upset after reading all these reviews! Has anyone received chickens recently???!
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I haven't read all the way through this thread, but my experience with LFF has been poor - empty promises and disorganized. Supposedly sell "show quality Silkies" but since they don't deliver on any other promises, such as actually having any birds to sell and ship after taking my money, I wouldn't trust that either. Ordered in February and no birds yet, pretty unbelievable...

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I'm livid!!  "Beware of Fancy Fowl" is a true warning!!!


I ordered Bard Rocks from "Michael" on 12/23/15 - as a Christmas Gift - he responded very quickly (of coarse!!) when I asked him for a gift certificate - since this was going to be a Christmas Gift.  I paid w/cc. "Michael" told me that the chicks would be ready mid March - he would call me around 3/15/16 to arrange pickup - never rec'd a call - I called him 3/21/16  -- at first he didn't remember me or my order - but I had my Pay-Pal receipt - one "sad" story after another from him - chickens froze over the cold snap - had generator problems - promised me new chicks in 2 weeks - he never called -- long story short - after MANY calls not returned -  he agreed to refund me the money - 3 weeks ago -- I called him again -- promised to mail me a money order last Wednesday -- 5/11/16 -- no $$..

Something else was fishy...he said he didn't "deal the checks"...he would have to send me a mo....??


I'm ready to call the better business bureau and Mr. Roche about this guy.  All I want is my hard earned money back!!!

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Ordered a variety of 9 chicks from Lancaster Fancy Fowl on March 31, 2016 at a cost of $90.00. Today is May 28th and still no chicks. After the promised pick up date came and went, I called and was told by Michael that the hold up was the two Buff Silkies I ordered because the hens were not laying fertilized eggs. He explained what they were doing to fix the situation and said they should know in a week or so if the hens were laying fertilized eggs. I called back and was told they had silkie eggs in the incubator but that they were now out of the Cochin's I ordered. Michael asked me to call back in a few days because he would know by then if the Silkies were ready. I called back on the day he told me to and left a message. No return phone call. Called back the next day and left a message. No return phone call. Not sure what to do now. Am I out the $90? Should I continue to wait? Really want some chicks and My Pet Chicken has chicks that will ship on June 1st at a fraction of the cost of LFF. They also have really great reviews compared to LFF.
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It sounds like I'm not the only one having trouble getting this guy to ship chicks! I ordered march 5th. I ahve called a couple times, each time he has an excuse as to why he doesn't have the chicks and tells me 3 more weeks. This past Friday was 3 weeks since we last talked. I sent an email through his web site early last week to see if we were still on track and never got a response. I called about an hour ago and I'm waiting on a call back. ... i understand problems arise but it's been 3 months for chicks that were supposed to ship in 1-3 weeks! I really hope he calls back and tells me they are shipped!
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I bought some salmon Faverolles from this place almost a year ago, when John still owned it, and I was very happy! I ordered again this spring and evidently John had some money issues and had to sell. The new guy seems nice but I gather that he isn't real well versed in breeding chickens. As of now, I don't think he is a crook, just a poor business man and not well trained in the business he is trying to be in. I have been patient, but my patients are wearing thin!
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