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Alabama, pull up my profile, There are some pictures on there. If that does not work I will try and post some.

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I did not see any pics - but  just found BYC yesterday - I'm a little confused at navigating in this.  but I am really excited to have this available.  Hope I can learn how to use it!  I found pics of your layout - the shed coop and the 2 nice runs attached - the laying nest were really nice ....I hope I was looking at yours:) use the /Chicken Guard auto opener? you have pictures of how yours is set up with door made of plastic cutting board?

thanks for your help!


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We to have tried to contact the Chicken Guard people in England.  They do not seem to respond.  I found one dealer here in the states but they cannot tell me the model number of the single one they sell for Chicken Guard.  They are in Ohio.  Does anyone know if there are any other distributors here in the states?


Tom in TN

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I have the chicken guard auto opener. Love it!! I called and they returned promptly. Actually the unit needed replacing, they got it to me so fast I checked the postage to see if it really came from the UK. So, don't worry about some third party in the states. Go strait to the horses mouth.:) 

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I just purchased one on eBay- we're planning to add it to a playhouse we're repurposing into a chicken coop. Silly question- does the string that attaches the opener to the door itself included? It looks easy enough to use overall, so I'm excited! We'll actually be able to leave home and stay out late or, gasp!, go away for a day or 2 and not worry that the birds will be harmed.

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@432bullethi neighbor (Joplin), I bought a chicken guard, and am debating where to put the unit. The most convenient place for me would be inside the coop facing west and a 61x32" window. The outside would place it facing west almost 4' inside a covered area. Essentially, I built the coop facing the South side of my barn and ran the roof up to the barn so the area between the two is a covered enclosure. The pop door is in this covered area. There is a metal door into the run between the human door into the coop which is about a foot from the end and the pop door. Above the metal door and down its side is hardware cloth.
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