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Eggs taste like dirt?!

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I have 4 hens that have been laying for about a month. I feed them layer chicken crumble, chicken scratch, and oyster shells. Occasionally I give them millworm as a treat. My husband made breakfast this morning and complained that he thought our eggs taste like dirt. Is it that because they are fresh and they taste "organic" or is there something wrong with their diet?
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What Brand are you feeding them?

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Oh and they run free in the backyard eating bugs and plants all day too.
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I can't find any info on their feed from their website.

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Maybe he's just used to tasteless store eggs. 

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Same issue. Like eating a spoon of dirt.SOLUTION: I discovered that if I wash them with dish soap and buff dry, there is no dirt taste. I believe I was not washing them well enough and it was residual bloom. I am an excellent egg cracker, so I didn't always wash them well prior to use. That was the mistake.
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