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Phil - I channeled my inner Phil and caught these for you yesterday!

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Okay I told Friday I would post about yesterday's fishing adventure.

Part one.

So my buddy shows up and we drive to the lake. We get there and the whole lake had been snowed plowed.
Now I've been fishing this lake for 33 years and it's never been snowed plowed. Now have I ever seen an entire lake snow plowed before. (Is a fairly big lake)
We decide were gonna truck on over to the far side being we had the snowmobile and all. We get over there drill our holes, set up the shack, and start fishing. A bald eagle flies right over our heads ( Pretty cool but not too uncommon here). We start fishing and I go to check on you guys here and realize I don't have my phone. I end up jumping on the snowmobile and heading back to see if i left it in the truck.
The machine starts to act up and dies on the way back from the truck (oh crap).
I do notice if I reach down and pump the primer it'll keep running. So I get back call my wife with Frank's phone and she says that I left it on the window above the kitchen sink(that's where I put it if i am trying to get a text out cuz I can't text for crap at my house....big metal roof acts like a tin foil hat). Now I'm worried about getting stranded on a lake at night with a dead snowmobile and I'm not really dressed for it...hmm.png.
So now we're fishing and all of a sudden out of now where two freaking airplanes land on the ice right next to us. Scare the bejesus out of us. I didn't have my phone to get pics.sad.png.
Now I know why the lake was plowed.


We catch fish...I got a couple of pike one was about 26" Frank kept a good meals worth off Bluegill. Had fun.

Part 2.

so now we decided to head back before it's too dark knowing the snow machine is acting up. We start heading back.
And the only way I can keep it running is to hold the throttle with my left hand ( is on the right handle bar) and reach down with my right hand and pump the primer (obviously I have a fuel issue). It's almost out of control as it is too ride like that. So now Frank is on the back, the machine is bucking like a freaking bronco (Frank's a big guy) every time it bucks he's practically choking me trying not to fall off the back. All this time I'm trying to steer left handed with the right handle bar. Somehow with all this going on I managed to get the machine back to the truck. (Oh yeah Frank fell off half way back I made him walk cuz I wasnt stopping for nothing). You would think this would be the end of story.
NOT...trying to load the machine onto the trailer I flooded it and fouled the plug. Luckily my quick thinking I stole the plug out of my ice auger and even though it was totally the wrong plug I got it started and loaded and we went home...Yay !!!!
Allot to go through for a meal of fish.....lau.gif......Phil
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Sweet !!!!!!


They look like all Rainbows but with the shadow I can't tell for sure....

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Originally Posted by lazy gardener View Post

Rachel, this is exciting news.  With the pup, it's one step forward, one step back.  Only one accident yesterday, and a bit this morning when she got away from hubby between crate and front door.   


Ah yes puppies.....HAHA  


Hi LG!!

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Phil and Phrend's Excellent Adventure!   :lau  Oh, I know the situation wasn't that funny, but I think I'd have pulled up my pant leg, showed a little skin, and hitched a ride on one of those airplanes!  

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They r rainbows the lake is stocked they r called Nevada tail walkers ... They fight really hard... Between holding my cracked rib and netting fish I did okay. Deboned 2 last night gave the rest to a friend.
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Same as our steelhead....fight like a freight train.
Jump....yeah be chasing those real soon too.!!!
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Beautiful stringer of fish!  I am not big on trout, even living in such a trout producing area as I do.  I much prefer walleyes, but that might just be the South Dakota upbringing in me showing.  Culture shock moving out here and finding out that walleyes are almost considered "trash fish" and scorned because they can decimate a trout population.  So I'll do my part for my beloved Wyoming and take as many out of the equation as I can.

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You all crack me up :gig


Honey went fishing yesterday and caught one nice rainbow, about the size of mine last week. I stayed home and did crafty things instead. He was meeting up with a buddy from nursing school and they made it a guy day. Always a good thing. 


The Superbowl is a non-event for us. But, a local fish place is offering BOGO dinner tonight during the game, so we may go out to dinner tonight :love. After church our plan is to head out to an outlying town where Honey has a patient who had a tree fall on her fence. He's going to clean up the tree and fix the fence, I'm going to supervise and be decorative. That's about the plan for the day!

Rachel BB

Stem cell transplant from unrelated donor in Feb 2015. Thank you to all my friends here on BYC for all your support during my treatment and ongoing recovery!


Rachel BB

Stem cell transplant from unrelated donor in Feb 2015. Thank you to all my friends here on BYC for all your support during my treatment and ongoing recovery!

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GOOD GRIEF!!  I have to slow down my reading and really READ what someone writes.  I just sat here with a stoopid puzzled look on my face because I misread part of your post, Rachel.  


You said, "Honey has a patient who had a tree fall on her fence. He's going to clean up the tree and fix the fence........." 


I read: Honey has a patient who had a tree fall on her face.  He's going to clean up the tree and fix the fence......"  I thought, "Um, shouldn't the face come first?  :hide

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