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The commercials have some downsides to being overly efficient - they can heat steam to the point of melting pipes if not properly set up/configured/sized etc. 

Any time of the year beside the dead of winter her DIY ones will boil the water in holding tank in a blink, so you have to have the valves and temperature controls setup properly to avoid that...

It's amazing what sunlight can do even in the winter for example Google up 'solar oven' with a roll of aluminum foil, a cardboard box and a glass window you could roast your entire turkey day feast, including the bird out in your driveway...
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its thanks giving and I went out to see how well my solar heater was doing and seams to be working just fine it made it up to 115f and its 3pm shade on west side do to garage  and still don't have my fan on here yet waiting for black Friday to go spend money on solar power stuff for my coop

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This is great. How did this pan out for you? My husband and I are incorporating a system like this into our radiant floor heating. We were just thinking the other day why not add a little one for the coop! I see this post is from last year, but just wanted opinion on how that was working. smile.png
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 the solar heat works great i am looking at using metal roofing material this time to see how much difference there is in my heaters then there is also rain gutters

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