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roosters in my city??

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I live in hutchinson, kansas and I can't find anywhere it says no roosters but pretty sure that is the law...any help?
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Google "Hutchinson, Kansas rooster ordinance" and then begin to change the ordinance with friends and neighbors.


On pg 189 from the PDF I downloaded:


Sec. 27-919 Keeping of Chickens.

The keeping of chickens shall be permitted as an accessory use to any principal lawful use in the R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5 and MH districts provided that:

A. A maximum of three chickens shall be allowed on any zoning lot. For each 2,000 square feet of lot area over 7,000 square feet, one additional chicken may be kept provided that no more than 10 chickens shall be kept on any zoning lot.


B. All chickens must be kept within a fenced part of a yard and provided with appropriate shelter. No chickens shall be kept in any required front yard and they may not be kept any closer to the street than the principal structure.


C. All chicken coops, hen houses and other structures used to house chickens must be kept neat in appearance and in sanitary condition.


D. All chicken coops, hen houses and other structures used to house chickens must be set back a minimum of 10 feet from side lot lines, five feet from the rear lot line, and shall not project closer to the front or side street than the principal structure.


E. No roosters shall be kept.


F. No slaughtering or processing of chickens shall be allowed.


G. Nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to zoos, animal exhibits, veterinarian services, pet stores or the State Fair grounds.

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Thank you very much smile.png
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I'd much rather have given you positive news. You might contact your city council, alderman or whomever represents you and see if an exception or change can be made.


In Chicago, where I live, roosters are allowed as long as there are no complaints. My former neighbors (my inspiration for acquiring chickens!) had a rescue rooster and 5 rescue hens. All past their prime, they thrived at her home... The old rooster started crowing and the old hens started laying! I really enjoyed the rooster song... And most of the neighbors did, too. One thought it was annoying, but not so much that she ever complained. Occasional fresh eggs help. I have neighbor families that walk along my yard with their young kids... Hoping to see the birds. I will let them pet my girls and throw treats down for them. Sometimes I feel like a zoo!


Mind you, we all live on 35' X 150' city lots, divided by a 15' alley. Possibly, we are more packed in that you are in Hutchinson. I really only remember the Space Camp and the new Starbucks. Been awhile since I visited Hutchinson!


Best of luck to you! Keep us posted!!!

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I will call and ask or maybe just hope there is no complaints. I have talked to my 2 neighbors on either side and they are in love with my roosters!! I to have people walk by hoping to see my beautiful boys (just found out they were boys this week)
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I live in Hutchinson, working on my mobile coop. Do you know of anyplace to get started pullets nearby?
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