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I am so happy for you!

And yep, don't get down if it swings back up a bit, the fact that you moved so much, got so much accomplished, and cleaned up a mess is so magnificent!

The more you move and do, the easier it will be to move and do, so the more you will move and do!

A great cycle that will help the weight come off and stay off! ya.gif

Super happy for you deb!! What a high! big_smile.png

@perchie.girl,, that is AWESOME! 


They have started construction here and all is going well.  Just been too busy for my own good.


@minihorse927, one of the young CCL roosters died Saturday.:(  He is the only one of the 3 that (so far) has shown signs of MG.  I isolated him and treated him with antibiotics.  He got better, and then worse, over and over. 


Mom is having hip replacement on Thursday.  Since dad is confined to his wheelchair (400+ lbs, diabetic), I will be spending the nights there taking care of them, the dogs, goats, donkey, guinea pig, housework, etc.  Most of you know my parents and I do not necessarily get along.  We tolerate each other.  It's going to be a long month! 


I received super good news yesterday.....If all goes well, as of November 2nd, I will FINALLY get full time at the bank!!!  :weee Insurance, benefits, YEAH!  I have been getting up everyday at 4am and putting in resumes everywhere!  Then I get a call yesterday asking if I would be willing to switch branches.  It's a bit of a further drive, but beggars can't be choosy!  DH can finally get some much needed medical help.  The out of pocket prescription costs has really took a chunk out of the budget!  As far as the hours go, I've been working 34+hours a week since I started there, so it's not going to be that big of a change.


Well, I've got to wake up the little girl and get her off to school and me off to work. 

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Here are some pics of little girl's bday party the other day.  They were bobbing for apples in the air.



My daughter is the one is the dark turquoise jacket and orange and pink blouse.  They all had a blast!:D

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Right on deb! I was wondering how it was going. I'm very happy for you!

Keep it up Felix and you'll be as flexible as me, I can put my palms on the floor... But then again I'm a lot closer to floor level than you. Lol.

Good luck with your parents outpost, and cute pictures. smile.png

I added a silkie roo to the flock. Making for 2 chickens and bunch of ducks. Thought I had a line on some girls to go with my two boys but sadly that fell through. I'll keep looking.
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end
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Whoo-Hoot!   Great news, deb.   18 lbs. is a heavy weight off.   Another 18 and it's practically 40 lbs!   You'll be skipping in no time!   (Well, at least getting way more mobile and on your way  

to getting to where you want to go)


- - -



I have  bending envy.   For some reason my knees and back have gone on strike.  Gumby I'm not and with my short legs the floor still seems a long ways off.  Slip-on shoes are de rigeur.  Let's just say if we're all walking in the woods and a bear appears, I am the designated snack because I will be outrun by everyone.  Let us know when you can do the splits.....that's your next flex feat assignment!


- - -


Outpost JWB --

I hope your parents are on their best behavior.  If not, well, remember taking the high road will allow you to sleep better at night with no regrets ever.  It sounds like all things are turning in the right direction.  Yay!



- - -

October is harvest season and it has been non-stop with the processing, canning, juicing, cidering, and basically stripping and cleaning out the veggie compound and putting it to bed for the winter.   And then it's onto stripping and cleaning the house as we have out-of-town guests for Thanksgiving and, honestly, the house has stacks of stuff in every room as we've never really truly unpacked.   That sounds odd.... we're not camping, but we have a lot of stuff to sort and decide where it'll be in our lives.   I miss my old day job...  It'd be nice to sit down for an extended period of time!

If you may have to eat it, don't name it!
If you may have to eat it, don't name it!
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Well, the splits are a long way off still...

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@perchie.girl that is fantastic!! Very happy for you!


@vehve your story reminds me of my work. About a year or so ago we started doing stretches every day. We have a meeting first thing at 7am and then do our stretches right after. I think we have skipped the stretches two or three times and we all missed them later. If a huge population like Japan (or is it China?) has been doing it with benefits, I know we are. At least I am feeling the benefits of a quick 10 minute stretch every day. Lifts the work morale too.

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When I worked at Nokia we used to go running every Wednesday. We did 7 kilometers every week before lunch, and in order to be able to do that without falling behind, I used to go running a couple of times a week at home too. That was great too.

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No thanks. I can't handle exercise... I like productive activities, you know like gardening... Hiking is fun though...
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end
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Yeah, hiking is much more fun, and gardening and building stuff. But, I also have a vain side that likes to ask the "Do I look good nekkid?" question, and the answer to that motivates me to eat more healthily and exercise.

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Hi everyone
Just to keep you posted, we culled the chick today 😢 and then found a second hen dead in the coop. I'm praying it's a coincidence as the second hen was much older & had been quiet & withdrawn for weeks, also she showed no similar symptoms, but I'm very much remaining on guard. What a rubbish day. Thank you for your advice last night xxx
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