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This is the one I am not sure of. Big guy or gal smile.png but if the combs is the tell tale sign I think I have another hen?
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i have got two silkie roosters and i have bought them at seoerate times. Do you think there is a chance that they will settle things with  hens or keep fighting. The one that i just got it the one causeing the problem. What do you think. I have no problem getting rid of the new one because i have not becoe attached yet.

Please Help

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I have a Silkie rooster who flogs me almost everyday. However, he usually only charges me once. After that I chase him around the pen until he gets the hint that I am in charge. It's actually funny when he flogs me. He's so small it doesn't even hurt. He's a gentleman with the girls. He takes them treats, waits to eat until they are finished, builds beats for them, and treats them like queens. That's the only reason I tolerate the flogging.
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I had a silkie roo that attacked my husband everyday once he reached maturity. Soon after he started attacking me and wouldnt let me in coop door without a fight. We had to put him down unfortunately. We dont tolerate mean much risk with having little ones around.
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I raised my Silkie roo and two hens from chicks and was surprised to hear from the pet sitter that the roo had "turned mean" while my family was away for a week. The chickens have never really liked to be handled and try to run from us when we pick them up. They are about 9 months old. When I got back this week, I just grabbed the roo and walked around the yard with him. Nothing. I took him down to the mailbox with me today, and I thought he would die of humiliation. I'm guessing that he was just testing the sitter. She had experience with both chickens and horses, but apparently the roo attacked her calves when she turned away from him. I don't think she backed down from him, so I find it odd that he fell right back into his fairly calm demeanor when I returned. He likes to pretend to chase me away when I'm already halfway across the yard, but he immediately backs down when I call his bluff. I'm just really glad that it was a false alarm. I have read enough about mean roosters that I wasn't going to keep one around. I guess the pecking order has been restored.

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One of my Delaware hen is worse than my silkie rooster..just depends on each individual personality and how ther black silkie rooster is 10 months and squats down when my 8 yr old granddaughter picks him up so she can.he does crow tho but not a lot..when he here's the hens making a lot of noise he does..
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I am getting a bunch of chickens next March, and when we were placing our order, we decided to just get a straight run with one of the silkies that we plan to get. I plan to hold and spend a lot of time with the chickens when they are young, so that they will be people friendly. I have had chickens in the past, though i have never had a rooster before. Do you think that because I will be holding them and spending a lot of time around them, that if I were to have a rooster he would be friendly???


I was also wondering if Silkie Roos tend to be friendly toward hens too, and if there's anything that we can do to help with that??


Thank You Soooooo Much 



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