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Ordnances in La Vergne, TN - Page 2

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Wow! That's exactly the kind of HOA crap my wife and I want to get away from. Thanks again for your advice and info.

Any recommendations on a nice area close to or on water (lake, river) but still county?
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In La Vergne city limit the HOA are not dictating what you can do really. Those are rules the major has set in place so if u purchase in Lavergne city limit all those houses within that limit fall under those rules. I would go county houses 1st ur not double taxed city and county just county. Smyrna Volunteer fire and ambulance departments for county are excellent. The city of Smyrna offers nothing to justify paying city taxes its not like Murfreesboro where city houses get brush and trash pickup included with those city taxes there city taxes are justifiable and ur getting some service for you city taxes. Alot of houses on the outskirts of the boro city limit have good size lots so I would not nix the boro city limits unless u want more than 8 chickens.


There is an area that is county off Almaville road going towards 840 franklin once you pass a Mapco gas station and go around a bend everything to the left is county that is were i live lots are good size people have goats chickens and if u have at least 1 acre you allowed a horse or 1 mini cattle. if you take one mile lane and its dog leg you end up in county houses sitting in between smyrna and the boro. if u just drive out Almaville there is alot out there in the woods. 


I work in Walter hill on the North Side of the boro outside city limits of the boro there is a nice dam out there with a river, its pretty out there cows pasture on large lands in fact I know of a house for sale there the man i rent my building from for my business, his sister either passed or had to be moved to a home. I haven't brought myself to ask what happened to her. He would bring her meals daily and that house has been on the market a couple months that house is sitting right on Lebanon RD about 3/4 of a mile from Walter Hill Elementary school on the left. Just don't pass the Yellow building on the right which is a car lot. its also called (memorial blvd within the boro city limits) its a nice house 1 story home with good land and a nice outbuilding and no HOA and you can do as you please. The fire department there is nice they are volunteer but they are good and fast plus friendly. The sheriff also patrols that area well. The reason I know is they leave notes on my business door nightly they check my building to make sure it is secure as well as my cars..So their presence is there always. The people are awesome out there to friendly very friendly when i first moved my business out there the houses around brought me food or just stopped by welcoming the business to the neighborhood and wishing me well..


Walter hill i would say is about 5 miles outside city limit of the boro at least but to get to walmart or a grocery is quick and painless especially since they built a new walmart on Memorial blvd...there r lots of good county homes if i where u I would drive the roads and get lost in the county roads and see which area you like the best because there are so many homes out of city limits

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Thanks again! I will definitely look at that area.
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Very helpful information Kmartinez! We are in south Nashville and want to move farther out but it needs to be affordable. We want chickens with no limitations. Having a hard time finding anything. Good to know about LaVergne. It's off the list now.
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I live in La Vergne Tn. According to the City Code chickens and livestock can be kept within the corporate limits, which includes the city, but Housing subdivisions may have different HOA rules. This is the entire section of the city code. 


2. DOGS.


10-101. Running at large prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or being in charge of any cows, swine, sheep, horses, mules or goats, or any chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, or other domestic fowl, cattle, or livestock, to knowingly or negligently permit any of them to run at large in any street, alley, or unenclosed lot within the corporate limits.

10-102. Pen or enclosure to be kept clean. When animals or fowls are kept within the corporate limits, the building, structure, corral, pen, or enclosure in which they are kept shall at all times be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

10-103. Adequate food, water, and shelter, etc., to be provided. No animal or fowl shall be kept or confined in any place where the food, water, shelter, and ventilation are not adequate and sufficient for the preservation of its health, safe condition, and wholesomeness for food if so intended. All feed shall be stored and kept in a rat-proof and fly-tight building, box, or receptacle.

10-104. Keeping in such manner as to become nuisance prohibited. No animal or fowl shall be kept in such a place or condition as to become a nuisance either because of noise, odor, contagious disease, or other reason.

You can read the complete city code here. Simply have Adobe PDF viewer installed.$FILE/code.pdf

There is absolutely no mention about bee's or bee keeping whatsoever. 

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