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Glad to help.  Honestly, we are in the midst of what will probably be our second chicken death.  I can't blame it on her hatchery necessarily,but it seems similar to what the other chicken had. 

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I got my first chicks from her in spring 2014. I paid more for a rare Lavender Orpington ($40) and also got a Buff Orpington. Both ended up male. I also got a Welsummer and Salmon Faverolles. The Faverolles died immediately. Got a Faverolles from someone else and a Buff Brahma from IFA. I was able to trade my Buff Orpington for a female pullet she still had but wasn't happy losing out of the Lavender Orpington. My sister got an Barred Rock, Australorp, 2 polish, 2 BC Marans, Silkie  and a Salmon Faverolles. The BC Marans and Faverolles were sick but she was able to save them. The Australorp, Faverolles andSilkie were all Males and not only was the Barred Rock male, it wasn't even a Barred Rock but a mixed breed. The woman I had bought my Faverolles from had spent money buying Cream Legbars from her and they ended up not being Cream Legbars. They were Easter Eggers. Most of her chicks are straight run tho she sells them as sexed pullets. 


The conditions of the garage she was selling out of were horrendous. We had ordered online and already paid, otherwise we wouldn't have bought from her. There were buckets of dead chicks sitting next to the her brooder (if you can all it that). It smelled, nothing was clean. When I went to exchange my male Buff Orpington for a female, she had built a nice outdoor shed with newer brooders and had a nice run next to it. Last year I had all but that female Buff Orpington killed by a fox and decided to give her a try because at the time she was the only place I could find Easter Egger pullets. When I got there the shed was a filthy mess. The run was moved in front of it and chicks running around everywhere. She said she had certain breeds but when I got there she didn't have them. I bought another Orpington, a Sliver Laced Wyandotte and an Easter Egger. The day after I got them it was clear they all had coccidiosis. They almost died butI  treated them, along with my poor Orpington who was recovering from a nasty fox bite. The 3 pullets seemed healthy until they started coming into lay. Each one of them died. I did find 2 pullets from a farm in the fall so my Orpington wouldn't be alone and they are doing great. Was a hard chicken year for me, but one thing I learned is that I  will NEVER buy chickens from Chase Hatchery again. You think you're buying healthy sexed chicks and instead get sold sick straight run chicks. Oh and the Silver Laced Wyandotte was not a Wyandotte. It was an EE mix of some kind. So you also think you're paying of rone kind of chicken and getting mixed breeds sometimes. 


It is sad though because the chickens I've bought from her have been really pretty, nice looking breeds (even the mixed breeds are pretty), But her operation is run in disease and filth and it's not worth watching your sweet chickens die.

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We lost our second chicken of hers last week.  Both were paralyzed - showing signs of Mareks.  I didn't have any tests done to confirm, but our chicks definitely had cocci and the two that have died showed similar Mareks symptoms.  Heres's hoping the last two survive.  I'll take my chances with farm store or mail order chicks if I can't find vaccinated from a farm store.  

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One of my pullets just dropped dead. One I fear showed signs of Mareks, one was sick and then prolapsed when she tried to lay her first egg. They definitely had coccidiosis when I got them. The two pullets
I bought from the farm this fall were chicks bought at a feed store and seem to be healthy and doing well. It's made me so paranoid thinking about what I could've brought home to my flock, yard and coop.
She looks to be selling some really cool breeds this year, but buying from her is not worth it.
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Due to the filth the chicks are kept in, it's no wonder many of her chicks are diseased. I don't think any of her equipment has ever been cleaned and I've seen her Throw new chicks into filthy brooder boxes.
After my (new)Orpington got sick with what I suspect to be Mareks (the leg paralysis, not eating, couldn't balance itself), I was not happy.
Plus, when I bought these pullets, when I went to pick up them up. when I left my house to get them, the price online was one thing, in the 20 minutes it took me to drive there, the price online tripled and she refused to sell them to me for the price they were when I ordered them.
I was desperate at the time to get the pullets settled and over their quarantine by the time my Orpington had healed, so she wouldn't be lonely, that I bought them anyway.
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We paid online so she couldn't take us. But we have had two with paralysis and the one recently had to be put down. Both had paralysis. The most recent couldn't hold he head up so we figured it was time after two days of that. I think the mareks started with her. The neighbors chicks used to hang on our property and they have reported no problems. Now we have to have vaccinated chicks.
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No one around me has chickens. I had a happy and healthy little flock until the fox got it. It was devestating and the one survivor was badly injured but I nursed her back to health and you'd never know she was hurt. She's back to her happy, healthy self..
Those three pullets I bought from her last year had something wrong from day one and it was so heartbreaking to lose one after the other. I really believe it was Mareks.
Add to that the high number of our chicks/pullets that had coccidiosis. The only healthy chickens we got from her were ones that she bought as day old, sexed chicks that were shipped to her. They were still in their shipping box and had not been put in with the rest of the chicks yet.
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In Cache County:


She is ordering in the next few weeks.  I find her to be excellent! 



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Has anyone noticed the ad on KSL classifieds for Chase Hatchery lately? She has the NPIP logo on her ad. I've been trying to find out if they're indeed certified. Anybody know anything about this?

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Wow. It's on her website too. I'd like to know how she got certified after the conditions I saw? the NPIP means nothing to me if this place is certified. I really wish I would've taken pictures of the filth. When I returned a Buff Orpington cockerel that was supposed to be female, she just threw him in the pen with everybody else. No quarantine procedures. Chicks running all over a filthy pen with turkeys, adult ducks and adult hens. All I know is all 3 pullets I got came to me sick with coccidiosis and all three died within a few months of something similar (suspect it's Marek's).
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