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I'll post a picture.

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Our new Chick Barn :)

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Update, currently losing my third hen from the flock purchased here.  I do have babies - vaccinated babies so time will tell.  

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Chase hatchery in Utah is amazing !! I love the exotic breeds they offer !! I bought the majority of my flock from her. Zero issues. Way way impressed with the breeds she carries !! Always got back to me and I called a lot !! Very friendly cute family business. Love chase hatchery !!
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Had my chicken necropsied at a diagnostic lab which confirmed the suspected Mareks or leukosis. 

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I wish I could've afforded getting mine checked but all 4 died of the same thing and it was all signs of Mareks. I currently have my 2 older girls who so far have survived this and got 4 chicks in February. I now have no choice and have to buy vaccinated chicks from the feed store. So far everyone is healthy but they are coming up to point of lay on a couple of them and this is when the Mareks showed up on my last 4. Doing everything I can to ensure the healthiest happiest flock I can. It makes one wonder why Chase Hatchery is building s new barn after they put in a new shed and run 2 years ago and why now they are changing up where they get their eggs from. Also the fact that Luvpolish has only posted 2 times on backyard chickens and it's to praise Chase Hatchery.
Buying local is great, but just beware where you buy from. I'd advise inspecting the facility and seeing the chicks in person before purchasing as well as talking to the owner and making sure they know their stuff. These are live animals and should be treated with care and not the conditions I saw 2 summers in a row. Also, the comment about "what's the point of having chickens if they're vaccinated?" Is upsetting to those who are dealing with this awful disease and watching it destroy their beloved flocks. I now have no choice in the matter.
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Interestingly, I learned that the second most likely disease that it could have been (I didn't do DNA testing) is leukosis. Leukosis can pass from mother to baby via egg production (not to humans). They tend to die from this at ages older than 18 weeks.  If you got your babies from a certified Leukosis free hatchery (one of the bigger hatcheries) your flock will probably be OK.  From what I understand Marek's tends to kill very young chicks. . . all of my deaths were in birds aged 18 weeks and older.  So, I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope that's what I'm dealing with.  If that's the case, Chase should really look into their egg origins.  

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Also, I concur. . .her statement about "why vaccinate" is misleading, bad information about vaccines, and wrong and a HUGE red flag. 

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Didn't she say they changed where they got their eggs from and that now it's from certified disease free breeders? Again makes ya wonder how much she knows. I'm so hoping that it's the Leukosis and not Mareks too. All my pullets were coming in to lay when they were struck down, one by one. I got my chicks from IFA, so hopefully all goes well. Thankfully the feed stores are getting in a wider variety of chickens so I can get some fun breeds. If I' make it through their first eggs, I'll feel great relief.
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As I stated, we started out very small just like many backyard chicken hobbyist, we started hatching fertilized eggs from a neighbors coop and was just doing hatching projects with our family then sold the hatched chicks from there. After two years into this, we started buying different breeds of eggs off KSL just like many chick hobbyist here in Utah. The chickens that are in question were bought from those eggs we got from other backyard chicken hobbyists, no they were not vaccinated and no I could not verify the source to ensure the health of the parents, just like anyone else buying chicks or fertilized eggs on KSL from backyard chicken hobbyist. BUT we wanted to do more and now as of this year are only buying fertilized eggs from NPIP Certified sources. We are not set up to vaccinate at this time but are still looking into providing that. We get many requests to NOT vaccinate because yes they are chickens, animals, however the fact that they will be producing food (eggs) that will be feeding human beings, children, parents, family members, we will be looking into those things and will be putting human life over the life of a chicken. Any chick that comes from an NPIP Certified source, the parents are tested and vaccinated for many known diseases. 


We built our new barn for this year to be able to control the environment better, control the temperature etc. 

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