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Pawleys Island, SC Law Not Sure I'm Getting The Truth

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I live in Pawleys Island mainland in the Georgetown County South Carolina. I asked around to try and get to know the local laws.


Without giving away my address I asked local Gov and police what were the current laws on chickens in my county and town. I was told repeatedly that in Georgetown county SC, you have to be in an area zoned agriculture and farmland.  No where in the county can you have chickens if not zoned that way.


I personally know of more than 10 families that have chickens in Pawleys Island that keep then under wraps and I would never rat them out.


When I asked local police about existing homes with chickens I was told they let them slide unless there were complaints. I was told that is about to soon change and now is not a good time to start up raising them.


He named a home off the south causeway and a house near the old Gullah museum buy the dump that was soon to get a visit from them. They were told that all future sites they found would be forced to remove their animals or face stiff fines by the county.


I'm not sure if this is the truth but that does appear to be the law written into Georgetown county code. I would like to here more from any local before I make up my mind to add some hens to the backyard I have just over 1/2 acre. Thanks for any help.

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Welcome.    Sad to say, the laws  are restricting  our activities more each day.  Some make sense, some don't


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Hi there. I'm also in Pawleys and interested in a coop in our backyard. Did you find out anymore info on the laws?
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It is illegal for sure. Two families off of MLK rd. had to remove their pens and a total of 7 hens between them after someone called the cops on them. They also had to remove a beehive on the back of the property.  They were told by Georgetown county police that once they are called out to a home they must be removed or the fines start coming and can even be jailed if they failed to take action.


They were zoned as residential.  If your property is zoned FA you CAN have chickens or R-5Ac (lot of at least 5 acres) only if you get special permitting. 


That being said there is a woman that keeps a chicken in her tiny small yard on Front St. in Georgetown between two restaurants on the waterfront walk and nobody has ever made her remove her hen.  I don't know why it is OK for her but not anyone else. :cd

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I live in Hagley in Pawleys and we were given a notice to remove our chickens or face fines. We have an attorney and are ready to appeal. We need support and guidance. We are Making contact with people who will support backyard chickens and changing the ordinances.
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I have been told it is a waist of time by others who have tried changing things here. In Georgetown County South Carolina all poultry are considered farm animal even they are only pets. You must be zoned farmland to have them.


There is a house on Half Moon Trail near Hagley that has chickens on a small lot. 2ac. But their lots is zoned FA so they can have them. You still have to meet the noise ordinances so if you have close neighbors that means no rosters.


If you go to court ask why the local police never do anything about the lady keeping the chicken on Front St. in Georgetown at the boardwalk. I have seen the cops tossing it bread during lunch.

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closed on my Litchfield house June 26, it's going back on the market this week. We are NOT giving up our chickens!
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UPDATE - Georgetown Co. Planning Committee is having their 2nd Public Hearing about changing Residential Ordinances to allow backyard chickens. The hearing is scheduled this Thursday, 19th at 5:30 at 129 Screven Street, Georgetown, S.C.  Please come and show your support. The chances are very high the change will be okayed by the committee and sent on to our County Council to vote it into law.

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Is there a petition to sign or is going to the meeting the only way to help. I also live in Pawleys Island. Thankfully I now live in an area zoned for agriculture but I would love to help others be able to have chickens. I think people should be allowed to have as many hens as they have bedrooms.
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Are there any updates for Georgetown SC allowing backyard chickens?
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