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Fowl ticks prefer to hide in cracks and crevices like Eggcessive mentioned. I recommend that you tear apart areas in your hen house that are dark (corners) and/or moist/or rotting boards/debris, use a flashlight. Check the area where your bitten hen perches for the night.

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We have found NO more ticks in the coop or run, or on any other bird. :)


I contacted our local extension office, and a vet there told me that ticks inject an anticoagulant, and that this was probably a large bruise.  


I agree!  It makes sense! 


She looks so much better now. I'd say, back to what she looks like in the first picture I posted here. 

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I'm glad to hear that she has recovered from her tick bite. It's good to know about ticks causing the bruising.

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Yes. Good to know, for sure. That was kind of scary.  She is back to normal now.


And they are all scratching in the snow.

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Tha ks so much for this post. I found a large swollen tick on a swollen area on my black astrlorp. The swollen area was exactly like yours pictured. I was able to get the tick off fully and hope she will be okay.
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