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I am pretty sure they lay green eggs because I was looking at Isbars and Cream Legbars for colored eggs and auto sexing. I chose Cream Legbars for their blue eggs. I wish I had chosen Isbars because I got green eggs from the CCL's. 😡
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If you  want autosexing, you better stick with the Legbars and try to improve the color of the eggs. Blue Isbars are not an autosexed breed. Their eggs can range from an olive green to blue. The color can vary from one week to the next but not drastically.

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I know they are not autosexing . That was why I tried the Cream Legbars. But after trying to hatch EVERY SINGLE EGG and not getting a single chick to live, I have given up on them. The hens will have a home here until they are not productive. Both roosters I had were meaner than snakes! Anyway, I will continue to breed my blue egg laying Easter eggers and my Araucanas. And decide on another breed by spring.
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Yes, that is what the seller told me after she realized she had sent me the wrong eggs. Her stock is from greenfire farms. She is super awesome to deal with and after I get my incubators hatched out I am going to order more from her...hopefully I will get the icecream bar eggs this time!!!
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The pic does look brown but they are a clearish light mossy olive green with darker speckling
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Hah! Not the first time my phone screwed up the color.....

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My phone is screwy with color too but heres another pic that may show color a bit better but not true to the egg, they are really pretty. I have them in with my buckeyes and a few of my daughters black tail jap bantums...
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Any updates or photos?  I just hatched out an Ice cream bar an Isbar and a Cream Legbar. I'll will be doing a Christmas day hatch of more Ice Cram Bars.

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Mine shipped from oklahoma...I had bought them on ebay, turns out the seller sent me Isbar and sent someone else the Ice Cream Bar by mistake. She was very nice and said she will replace them when Im ready. I incubated the Isbar eggs, one was infertile and the other 3 bloodringed sad.png.....I will try again but just want to wait because Im hatchin Naked Necks,Buckeyes and Easter Eggers now. I would love to see pics of your Ice Creamer!!!! Where did you get your eggs if you dont mind me asking?
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I got mine from a lady in TX.  I think she goes by either chicknegg or thetropix. She packs the best of anyone I have ever purchased eggs from, bar none. Out of about 14 eggs, I had 10 or 11 hatch. This lady is great and her birds are nice ICBs. If you want her email addy, PM me.

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