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I've had chickens since last year, where we caught them wild and sold them. This year we bought our girls, and did on rescue.
We have two Americana ladies, Chip and Dukie.
Two Buff Orpingtons, Pigion and Clementine.
One maran, miss tamber my sweet lady
That's our oldest group.
Then we have our middle aged group of chicks, one RIR named Infinity and one Black Sexlink, named banner.
Than the youngest.
We found our, what we're guessing, EE mix "rooster" on a river close to us, and we call him artesian. He loves loves people.
Than yesterday we went and got artesian a little friend so he wasn't alone, which resulted in a currently unnamed little RIR
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My chicks and their future husband
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Where r wild chickens at never seen any.
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I think they're in Europe or something.
They're called Red Jungle Fowl.
Hawaii has domestic wild chickens that are protected there and they just run all over the place. It's illegal to kill them I think. It's like a chicken sanctuary I wanna go there!
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My chicks are getting older, they will be six weeks Monday
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The chicks are WAY older now
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