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Palm Bay city ordinances

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i live in Palm bay Florida and am currently working with code inforcement on the interpretation of the chicken ordinances. I own two lots and I read the ordinance as you can have 4 chickens per 1/4 acre, but it's looking like code enforcement is saying its per house hold regardless of the property you own.

I'm currently discussing thus with Arron Pool who is the highest person at code enforcement. We are waiting to hear the Inteperation from the city council.

My argument is I pay taxes on each 1/4 acre and if you own 1 and can have 4 chickens, then if you own more 1/4 acres you should be able to have more chickens.

My chickens are my kids pets an they raised then from babies and it will be difficult to explain why we can't keep them all.
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Here is the Palm Bay ordinance for raising backyard chickens..
Up to four (4) chickens may be kept on single family lots in the RE, RS-1, RS-2, RS-3, SF-1, SF-2 and SRE Zoning Districts subject to adherence to the following criteria: (1) Hens only may be kept. Roosters are prohibited. (2) Chickens must be caged at all times and cages/coops shall meet the criteria for animal cagesand enclosures contained in Section 185.118(F). (3) Breeding of chickens is prohibited. (4) Dead chickens shall be immediately removed from the premises and disposed of properly. (5) The cage/coop and surrounding areas shall be clean and properly maintained to avoid the attraction of vermin, insects or predators."
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I live in NW palm Bay and also have 2 lots. I read the code, and agree, both are family lots.

Did code enforcement come up with some clarity on this?


Had 3 chickens, 2 ducks and a dog at my present location 20 years ago here, no problem.

I would like to get back into it with the chickens in March.



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