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Chicken tunnels

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Hi I'm Mammychicks. Very new at this backyard chicken raising. Getting things ready for my latest group coming next month. Anyone use chicken tunnels? Pros and cons?? Your thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated.
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We are using a chicken tunnel from the chicken run to the garden. Run and garden are separated by about 20 feet and it runs along fence line behind shed. Hubs built door on run fence so we can close off in spring and summer after we get gardening, then we will allow access to garden after our harvest. Very similar to photo above, but not as fancy. Is there a child in the tunnel or am I seeing things?!
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There is. Stolen picture. Thinking these channels will be easier to make. Do they need a wire floor?
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We just used chicken wire and conduit and no wire floor.  It is just a passageway from the run to the garden and not expected to be the enclosure for them.  It is not predator proof and hens only have access to it during the day.  Do you want it to be a predator proof enclosure or a passageway from one place to another?

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I built an 8' overpass to a new run that isn't finished yet...rethinking the size now, it's 12"x18"x8'. Only have hens, and 4- 8 week old pullets. It is for a second protected run as my wife isn't keen on leaving the girls in the yard during work in case something comes after them.[IMG]
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