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For Sale: 5 Ayam Cemani Birds (3-5 month olds)

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For Sale:
5 Ayam Cemani Birds (3-5 month olds)

Will Ship To: USA -not Va.

I am selling my 5 remaining Ayam Cemani for bargain bottom prices.



These birds for sale are what is left from my "2nd Generation" winter hatch.

They are a genetic 2 way mix between Mike's and Smithsonian lines ... and thus, will have a slight risk of waddle turning, and their off spring will have an estimated 75% cull rate if you wish to breed them.... I have proven that they WILL PRODUCE BLACK.  But unlike Mike's previous sales, these 13 birds are the blackest select few from over 100 hatched (after a 90% cull rate).


I have kept out 5 pitch black birds for my own breeding program from this very group.

( I needed this 2 way genetic mix for my 3rd gen)


I am just starting out my Business here... and so, I refuse to sale a product that anyone can complain about.

I have seen what happens to the reputations of folks who "took a chance" and sold without first proving their product.

This is NOT happening to my business.

That is why I have sat upon these birds this long. I wanted to "Prove" their Blackness as genuine through puberty.

(This is the most reliable test)


I am BIG into communication during and after the sale.

so, I will send you plenty of photos of any bird you are interested in as we work out the deal...


You must tell me you are fully aware of your purchase and are happy with it before I will take your money.



on another note:

My third generation will be a 4 way mix, which will be due to start hatching in late fall 2015.

It will be will be a highly culled out, mix of 4 separate genetic lines... (Mikes line, Tony/Marie line, GFF Line, and Smithsonian line); Effectively making them one of, if not the most genetically diverse, pure cemani line in America!!!

And also, because they are a 4 way mix, they will be my own separate line too... I will call them the "H&H Line"


And the price???    I have no idea...

I will have to see the quality of my product and what the market will bare for them at that time.


With all that said...

Here is the present 2nd Generation Deal:


I put bracelets on each bird and separated out my "Keepers" for my 3rd Gen Breeding Program.

I also now have clear pictures of each of these dorky guys and gals...

All the birds have their Bright sunlight "Mug Shot" photos ready for you to peruse...

Then you can look through them and decide which numbered bird you like......

Because these are 2nd Gens, and these are what is left after a breeder has purchased 3 of them,

I’m thinking we should start at the low price of $150 each.

I have lowered the price down from there depending on some of the remaining bird's features...  


so, check out the photos below... If you want to lock down a bird as YOURs

I will need a $50 deposit for each via pay pal to lock them down as yours...


We can work out the rest of the payment, postage rates and details from there...


I need to know what number  bird/'s you want.

What state do you live in? (No birds will be shipped to VA.)


Remember, because these are 3-5 month olds and thus each bird will need its own shipping box - $15 each box

I will get back to you with the postage $$$ for your state when I get you zip code.


And now for the Main Event!

All of these photos where shot in bright sunlight with zero oils applied to combs or waddle.
compared to the naked eye their color is a bit exaggerated by this light and their combs look ashier too...


deep discount -too much red (but needs a home)
Thus, price is only $50 + postage




Full Price: $150 + postage





Hen. Crooked toes -walks just fine

But she is jet black (Will breed Dark)
Deep discount Price Only $50






Full Price: $150 + postage





Full Price: $150 + postage





More Random pictures of this 2nd Gen run in normal covered light:




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#51 is the only bird left
All of the other birds are sold...

Thanks BYC for this service.

#51 will be for sale until Saturday April 18th... I plan to cull him then.
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Wonderlyn Acres LLC


Wonderlyn Acres LLC

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surprisingly... no...

Just too busy building raised gardens...


Why do you ask?


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Sending a PM!

Wonderlyn Acres LLC


Wonderlyn Acres LLC

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I do have an extra Rooster I thought was a pullet... until now...


Yes, he is from the original group of "keeper" 2nd gen birds, I kept for my own privet breeding program...

Yes, he is extremely DARK...


He will cost more than the ones previously listed.

If you want him...PM me...


Here are my extra rooster pictures. (Note: my cell phone over exaggerates red)

My last two customers both commented that their birds were much darker in person, than in the photos...

The one for sale is the small on the right.


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I have tons of Cemani hatched out and they will be ready for sale soon...

I will be taking photos THIS weekend and start selling...


If you want dibs on picking out some birds please PM me...

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can I see some pics of the baby's?How much are they each? Will you ship to indiana? Pm me ... 

Visit for all you chicken wants and needs.
Visit for all you chicken wants and needs.
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hello I am emailing you about your ayam cemani birds I am wanting to know that is the egg they lay a black egg?!? and how much are you selling your chicks for?!? please get back in contact with me. can you send them to me through the mail. 

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