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Londonderry, NH?

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My husband and I currently have 5 chickens on the south shore in MA. We have a run for them and occasionally let them free range the yard. We're looking at purchasing a house in Londonderry, NH but after some research we see that there's a 2 acre rule per the town, but no maximums. So you could have a thousand chickens as long as you have two acres. Does anyone have any recent insight on this? I've read a lot that people think it's absurd and people continuously get turned down for permits. We're looking at houses with atleast an acre which is plenty of space for the 6-10 chickens we would want and possibly a few ducks. No roosters wanted. We have them on less than a quarter acre now. This is just crazy to me. What happened to live free or die?! Does it seem like this rule might be overturned anytime soon?hmm.png
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I see this post was a year old but figured I would try to reach out...

I just moved to Londonderry NH to a property with a large older barn (which looks like it had chickens at one time).  My property currently is only 1 acre  (subdivided from the original 32 acres back in the 80s).  I was hoping I could have 3-6 chickens (no rosters) on the property till I started reading the zoning rules...Wow the 2 acre min caught me off guard!

So I was wondering if you ever determined if you can have a lesser number of chicken on a 1 acre lot in Londonderry NH ?
If not do you know of any local group trying to change this zoning in any organized way ?

Please let me know what you discovered

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