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Thanks scflock. I will give it a try. The eggs are all do to get here on Wednesday. I will let them sit for a day since they are shipped and then put them in on Thursday.  Ill keep everyone updated on results I have through out the process. 
I would love to hear. I absolutely love my 20, and will be buying another incubator soon. I hope to hear that the 40 is as dependable as the 20
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Help... I am setting up a new brinsea 40 advance with humidity pump
.... My problem is the pump will not turn on unless a turn it slightly and then it only runs for a few seconds or few minutes and then shuts off. I have raised and lowered limits to see it I can get it to trigger but no luck. When I manually start it, it does circulate water through tubing . Any suggestions?? Am I missing something, I bought the incubator separate with add on pump because I found it cheaper.... Do I need to change something in the settings?
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What is your humidity reading on the display, and what is your humidity set at?  The pump only runs a little while at a time, normally.


Did you also use water in the wells?

Nevertheless, she persisted.


Nevertheless, she persisted.

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The humidity on the display says 37, I have it set to 60. I have water in 2 of the wells. I have had it running about 4 hours and the humidity pump never comes on by itself. When I manually turn it slightly it starts right up and runs for a short time and shuts off again and doesn't start back up on its own.
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You might try to take the water out of the wells and double check the electrical connection where the pump plugs into the top near the control panel.  Also double check that the tubing is wrapped correctly. (You may have done all this already.)


My manual (for my 20) is packed in a box or I'd go over it with you, but I have found that Brinsea customer service is very helpful and should be able to help you troubleshoot.


Hopefully you can get a bit of advice from @Yorkshire coop

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Nevertheless, she persisted.


Nevertheless, she persisted.

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I too would double check the wire is connected correctly to the incubator. How tight is your tubing around the little spinning thing? Too tight and it could cause it not turn correctly. I would also not go for such a big jump in %. If your bator is showing 37% I would set the humidity 45% and see what happens. As Friday said the pump does not constantly spin, it goes in short burst then stops then a short burst again. Double check what you have set it too also, you may not have set 60% and It could have reached what you set so inturn will stop because it's reached its set level. It's easy done, I've done it before when setting up and had to go back and double check.
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One thing I would double check also, and I'm only saying this because I've had this problem...twice (after much freaking out). Make sure the lid is all the way on (the back side sometimes feels like it's on but its not). The pump wont run if the temp isn't spot on or, so it seems, if the heater is having to constantly run.

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I have the ECO40. All the fans run smile.png

On my second batch, the autoturning cradle broke and dumped my stuff on the table. Only one broke but I was a little bummed. Customer service was great, they replaced the cradle. (Tho it is the same design and materials so I'm a little reticent to trust it with a full batch)

If you use it as a hatcher, the fluff gets sucked into the inner workings where the fans are. Gotta take it all apart with a screwdriver to clean it. (I had a can of air for cleaning computers it worked well)

Sure keeps even temps, though and the turner is fantastic.
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