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I'd love to see pics IMWitty
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@IMWitty, thanks for the insight - I'll be sure to update as we gain experience with the metal roof as far as pros/cons that we notice. Additionally, I agree with @88sub4x4, would love to see the pics!




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@PapaChaz - way to go sir, and a big proverbial hats off to you! :clapFound a local building materials supplier, they are able to get me custom length roofing at only a small increase in price over the roofing from HD! For the cost, we decided to steer away from the poly roofing and go for metal. With the amount of roofing I would need, the cost at HD would be approx. $368 w/tax - the product I've purchased is going to cost me about $60 more, but it's cut to exactly the length I want, and the price includes the roofing, the gable and eave trim and all the fasteners and washers that we need!


@Natalierose, looks very similar to the product I've decided on:


   Do you have any pictures of your coop/run in progress? Would love to see them!

good deal, not having to cut and piece in the extra pieces will make the job go so much quicker and easier. Glad I could be a little help  :)






video tour of my coop:







video tour of my coop:

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Sorry for a silly question....i also purchased a coop with unroofed run. So I am thinking about getting that panel too. How do i join the top corner where the side of the panel join? Shingles?
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Hey, Have you decided on a roofing material?. I read a blog recently about TPO roofing . The material might be a little bit expensive for a chicken run but it is resistant to temperature changes. The temperature will remain constant that means more energy efficiency and good for inhabitants. The material is highly durable also. Please make sure that you research well before selecting a material. 

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