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I did not use the pads.

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Thanks for your response. My eggs actually came in a day early so I rested them all day/afternoon and put them in before I left for work tonight. I would normally wait til tomorrow to set them but some of the eggs were already at 6 days old. :/   I got 29 total. 24 had perfect air cells, 4 had air cells shifted to the side but still on the top potion of the egg, and 1 had a tiny hairline crack in it. I covered it with a piece of scotch tape. I couldn't find any unscented candles for wax and I read somewhere on here where someone used scotch tape. :P   I wound up using the padding that came with the humidity pump in the rails and put wadded up paper towels in the ends to fill void space. They're snuggled in and ready to start developing. lol

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That's great keep me updated on how things go. I'm anxious to get another persons perspective on the 40.   

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I'll keep you updated!  I put them in the turner tonight. Temp and humidity are holding pretty stable. I'm excited for day 7 to get here lol


If I can remember, I'll upload pics as I go too. :)

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Well, I have to say that I'm pretty upset with how this hatch is going. Day 7 candle showed about 6 clears and some early quitters. There were only 16 out of 29 viable eggs. Only 16!!!!!! Day 10 candle, there were 2 more quitters. So now I only have 14/29 eggs developing. I hope I didn't sink $700 into something that doesn't work as well as everyone advertises. I'm so bummed!!! Yes, these were shipped eggs. They came from Oregon to Florida. I fully understand about shipped eggs being a gamble. I hatched several sets of shipped eggs in my genesis with better results than this. I can't help but wonder if there was an issue with the eggs since there were so many clears. I opened 4 of the clears and there were no germinal discs. The seller assured me there were no problems with their fertility but couldn't explain the lack of germinal discs. It's a BYC seller who has been selling on here for a while, so it's more of a reliable source than eBay. I'm just so upset!! These eggs weren't cheap either!
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how is/was the hatch?

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I guess there are two issues here: The quality of the equipment and their people manning the phone at Brinsea dot com, which is out of Titusville Florida.


I purchased over the phone two items from Brinsea in Titusville: A scratch and dent Octagon 40 and a new little yellow humidifier. The Octagon 40 arrived as expected, but the humidifier had a loose something rattling about inside the housing. Brinsea paid for shipping back to them of the humidifier and I'm waiting to get one back from them.


Now the people: It took over 1/2 hr to complete the transaction over the phone. Probably closer to 3/4 of an hour because, its appears, Brisea had its tech answer the phone and not its sales staff. So the order was close to $700, after sales tax and shipping. I was supposed to get a confirmation email and tracking number. After several hours, none came. I called back, they said keep waiting. The next day, none came, so I asked the email they used. It was incorrect. Then I got the confirmation tracking info, but not an invoice or total. That came attached to the box. In the box, with some documentation was a note to register with the UK website for their 3 year warranty, which I did. Then I read the invoice and it said the same, but to register on the US .com site. I asked where I'm registered, or if I'm registered, but nobody can tell me at this point.


This was my first time in dealing with Brinsea. I had chosen them after using a GQF incubator and wanted to try something more sophisticated with great ratings. This website gave little doubt that Brinsea was good with service and with product, so I proceeded with the purchase.


After missing the warm fuzzy feeling when speaking to the 'people' I asked about a full return. Bad decision: I would lose about $60 on shipping and 20% restocking on product, coming up close to $200. So I decided to keep it and try it and hope the people would improve communications.


Would I have gone this route had I known, probably not. Not for this high priced item. PS> I contacted their UK branch and they claim to be separate companies, but the paperwork appears connected, so its back to dealing with the folks in Titusville.

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I meant to start posting on this thread earlier. I have another hatch and my octagon 40. There are 48 black copper maran eggs in right now. I'm on day 15 today. I'll post some pictures tonight and for the next few day as things progress
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