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For Sale: Silver Coturnix Collection Hatching Eggs

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$100 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Silver Coturnix Collection Hatching Eggs

Will Ship To: Continental 48 states

James Marie Farms is now selling as of 4/16/15 .....29 collectors boxes left as of 10-5-15
The Schofield Silver Collection - hatching Coturnix eggs
This collection will produce - Silver - Bleu - Cream - Lavender - Charcoal - Isabel - along with Tuxedo marking of each color possible....
This line was imported last year legally through USDA & Customs. This was a very lenghtly and costly process taking almost 2 years. We worked with P&L Gamebirds of Canada to complete the export from our Farm (JMF) of our lines of Jumbo Coturnix of several colors. At the same time importing from P&L hatching eggs for us to bring his silver lines to the US. Perry has worked very hard for over 20 years to maintain this line he sourced from the Univeristy of British Columbia. They were part of a huge genetic research project where colors were sourced from around the world. At one time being the largest collection of colors in the world. This line even has the "ce" gene (aka - the Blue egg gene) breed into it by Perry.
We are very pleased to now have a breeding flock of over 260 coturnix from this line.

We are selling 26 hatching eggs of the "Schofield Silver Collection" for 100.00 which will be shipped in a collectors edition box like shown in pics....

The easiest way to purchase eggs is by calling the farm @ 337 257 oll8

These eggs will be shipped using shipping foam and only shipped USPS priority mail....
They are ready for shipment within 7-14 days upon completing order and payment.
Edited by James Marie - 10/5/15 at 10:05am
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Anyone in Ohio interested in splitting an order with me?

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Do u sale adult quail
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Hi. James. Finally releasing them. Great. Can I talk about the collection. May have let a few facts slip on a Facebook site. Sorry if I was to soon. Really excited by it.
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I would love to tell you more about it, but I have to wait till James releases more information himself.

Thank you James. You were great to work with and it was worth the two years it took us to complete it.
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I would love to see photos and labels attached to each color, I've seen the Blue/Silver (not sure if they are the same? Have heard they are) most importantly the Charcoal, Isabel, Lavender and Cream since I've never even heard of those. Also would like to make sure those other colors also carry the celadon egg gene for blue eggs since that's what I really want. :) I'll be attempting to call JMF tomorrow!

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Anyone anywhere want to sell a few eggs? I only want 2-3 eggs
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In 10-11 weeks from now I expect their will be lots of people with Silvers as Robbie has established his flock and is now selling eggs. 17-18 days to hatch, 7 weeks to lay. The Silver gene causes many variations when crossed with other colours. Right now I have about 8 in my pens. There is going to be an explosion of new colours in the US Coturnix hobby. People are going to love it.

On top of that, the blue egg gene has been introduced into most of the birds from me. It may pop up anytime.
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Ya I would guess your right but I have not been able to find any breeders who focus on color within a 100 mile radius, would you be interested in selling a couple?
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U guys don't know,who sales this quails but breeders age? And how much would they cost?
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