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Spokane Valley Poultry Ordinances - Page 2

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May I ask a related question on this post?  That would be this, from the Spokane Municipal Code:  "A structure or enclosure for animals or fowl shall meet the setback requirements for accessory structures"


Where do I find this information?

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Hmmm, I just read another post that said one per 2,000 sq ft (one the Spokane chicken co-op Facebook page) we have an almost 9,500 sq ft lot so with six chickens I'm hoping the info on this page is accurate. At any rate I figure I'll be nice to the neighbors and send some eggs their way occasionally and we'll be ok.
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Originally Posted by Michael OShay View Post

Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to join our flock. Spokane valley residents can own 1 chicken per 1,000 sq feet of property
(keeping 10 chickens would require a 10,000 square foot lot), and coops must adhere to setback requirements. You will find the Spokane municipal codes governing the keeping of poultry at

It appears that is the City of Spokane code, the city of Spokane Valley allows half that, boo.
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