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I honestly didn't know about your dog- my condolences. I only used the dog analogy because most folks relate to dogs better. Perhaps you could find a chicken keeper close by that will trade with you and let your son choose. With so many colors and looks and sizes I'm sure he'd love it! And if nothing else you could tell him that the ones you currently have aren't the right kind for now. Let us know how it turns out.
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Thank you. i put it in my first post about our dog and im sorry to sound snapish. We just also bought 1 week old Black Austalorps. My cornish Rocks will be outside and the Australorps will still be inside for a while. From what Ive read they seem to be great layers and pets.
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Good job mom! I think you'll enjoy the layers and congrats on exposing your child to the great world of chickens.
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I mean we are still keeping the Cornish Rocks but they will be moving outside in a few weeks. I hear the BA are great friendly chickens and its a plus that they will lay. Bad part is were not sure how many lil ladys n young gents we have yet.
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Absolutely agree with the other's that says to raise like any other chicks. I've had mine for 9 months now and healthy!!! The trick really is the food. When your chicks are four weeks old feed them twice a day until they are full and your clearly see their crops bulge. But don't feed them again for another nine to twelve hours. They will attack the food and scarf it down fast and they will gain weight very slowly but keep them fit and they can live a longer life.  If you have enough land that's far enough away from other houses and roads, let them free range. They are as happy as pigs on fridge clean out day.


Remember that around five to six months of age the hens will lay - not every hen will but most do. Nothing like fresh eggs and your roosters you might want to consider taking out around this time because the size of the roosters can seriously hurt and kill your hens when they attempt to mate. Don't let them mate with each other but you can get a smaller rooster and mate them with the hens and get fertile eggs. I bet your kiddo would love to see the miracle of life hatch out of an egg.    

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Took my cornish rocks outside for a little while the other day and they loved it. Explored their new coop n run. Had a blast
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Took my cornish rocks outside for a little while the other day and they loved it. Explored their new coop n run. Had a blast

DD and I are in the same situation. How did things turn out for you?
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Oh wow. I love cornish rocks. They are huge, and run like sumo wrestlers! I feed mine randomly. In the morning, and at night, and then whenever I feel like it one or two more times in the middle of those feedings. Mine are 12 weeks old and super agile and athletic. They run super fast, and can lift themselves off the ground for a little bit at a time. They dont roost as high, but i made lower roosts for those that like to roost. They let me pwt them, put necklacesnon them, pick them up, scratch their heads, LITERALLY the NICEST coolest chickens out of my 2 flocks. Ive hear horrow stories about keeping them longer than butcher age, but how many success stories are there? I havent heard of too many people trying it, just spreading thebword about the dangers. I dont free feed. I throw handfuls of feed down for breakfast, and handfuls of feed at night once everyone goes to their coops. Each flock knows their own coop, and once they all are in, they get 'dinner'. And the 'feed' I give them in the afternoon is just 5 grain scratch, so low protein and fat. The rest is just free range grazing. They have 4 3 acres for themselves. The 2 flocls mingle sometimes, then filter back into their seperate flocks. Or someone runs to the barn to lay and egg and then come back down. I do find dirt spots and use a how and unearth worms for them. High in protein, and probably shouldnt, but I cant resist, they go nuts as soon as they see me grab the hoe. Haha! Has anyone had luck raising them for a few years?
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