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Weird poo, sick laying hens, will they survive?

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New mom of three golden comets named fluffy, colonel sanders (husbands idea), and vicious. Received August 2014, not sure age. All three layed eggs until January.

Vicious lays every day still and seems fine. She molted in the winter so she stayed indoors and perhaps didn't pick up what the others have. Good girl!

Fluffy stopped laying in January. I first thought decreased winter eggs due to weather, but in March her health went down hill and we noticed blood only in the whites of the stool. Took stool to test to vet, cocci- treated all three with alpron (I think that's what it was called). Last day of meds, fluffy had blood in white of stool, took her and stool to vet with no cocci in stool and blood draw showing high calcium and high white blood eggs could he felt. Crop seemed fine. They put her on biomox and anti inflammatory going on week two of meds. Stool still firm, still blood in whites of poo,, but when she has Cecal poo I swear I saw something in it wiggling. Still no eggs. If we treated for cocci all worms should be gone right? She is still loose with vicious and seems happy.

Colonel sanders - laid eggs until last week and went droopy bird and hid from everyone. Took her poo in earlier with fluffys and nothing in there. Her poo looks like Chinese egg drop soup (see pic) and called the vet after noticing and told us to take biomox two weeks and antiinflamtories. We are on day five of treatment. She has perked up and is moving a bit more and eating. Stools have changed and are between loose (with food no cooked egg inside) to a soft firm normal varying. Colonel is quarantined and under mine and my little girls care. What is going on with colonel? Can she really recover or are we prolonging the inevitable?

Many thanks![IMG]
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For some reason the pic of colonels poo did not go thru. Here it is and hope it works.
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Ok. Colonel is perking up and still in quarantine, And today in her poo she left me these two nasties.

I am thinking roundworm. Might be also what's wrong with fluffy. What a ruddy nightmare this has been! How do I treat this and can the dog and kids get this?
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The dog and kids will not get her worms. Treating for coccidia does not worm chickens. Where do you live?
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We live in Maryland. They originally popped for cocci, so we treated for that. We realized there was a continuing infection going on as she was not laying eggs shortly after treatment for cocci, however the 2nd fecal did not show worms.

So we treated with biomox and antiinflamtories. 1 week post treatment (and halfway thru the treatment process) she is looking well and dropped this lash egg.

Today we started her treatment for round worms. We found a strongid liquid dewormer for dogs and coordinated with the vet to get the proper dosage. (Approved by the vet for egg layers with 2 week withdrawal. ) will repeat in two weeks per vets instructions.

I even took a video of the dissection (plastic utensils of course)

Hoping all goes well.
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Ok the video did not load right, but it was cartel edge looking and clear fluids when I cut through it. Sons words were... That's really gross mom
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An update... Colonel has been reintroduced to the flock about three days ago. We have two days left of biomox and one more dosage of strongid left. Since her return and the passage o the lash egg she has laid two eggs and looks like she is back to recovery!

Fluffy and viscous are looking healthy, though fluffy still has not laid an egg since January. She has been laying ginoromous poops lately so I wonder if maybe she is just broody?
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As a follow up, fluffy had egg peritonitis and was put down after many efforts to save her.
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