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I am all about soy free for everyone! It is very inflammatory to the digestive system. Maybe there is an animal that lives on soy like the panda lives on bamboo but chickens aren't that animal.


Gluten however is a protein found in grains which from what I see chickens do naturally forage from dry grasses.


I do not eat gluten because I am not a chicken! (I actually went on the GAPS protocol to heal my lupus and this really works. Gluten and all grains are problematic for human digestive systems and contribute to a leaky gut which promotes many diseases that are epidemic now.)


I have no doubt diets very high in soy and any one kind of protein will affect the eggs and meat, however gluten and soy are not passed into eggs and meat in the same way as breastmilk because these are fundamentally different. Milk is essentially white blood of the mother and that is why allergens are passed to baby.


The main problem is when the chicken's primary source of protein is from soy or wheat. I like the fish meal idea. I wonder if there is bug meal out there that is nutritionally comparable? We could also argue that chickens don't naturally forage fish and sea plants either .... :) 

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Interesting thoughts Bantam. However, I do argue. In fact there are articles all over the net confirming soy crosses into the egg. But the most important thing here is how it affects the person with the disease. There are several in the celiac program I attend that can not eat eggs without having severe side effect, it is the same as eating gluten for them. However, when they purchase eggs raised on a gluten free diet they do not have problems with them. It is the same with milk and thus they have turned to goat milk from goats fed a gluten free diet.

According to what I have read it has to do with being apart of the autoimmune disease process.

Arguing that gluten does or does not cross into eggs is not the point. In the end it is what triggers the person with the disease. 


A side of my husband's family has various degrees if autoimmune disease where some follow the same diet as you, others gluten free, others dairy and gluten free.

I feed all my animals gluten free feed including my goats. Yes they free range, I feed all scraps from the kitchen which are gluten free because we eat gluten free due to my problems with gluten. My chickens also get goats milk because my dairy goats produce large amounts. They get whey when I make cheese and buttermilk when I make butter. 

His family loves visiting it is the only time they get to eat dairy and eggs. None of them have ever had a problem with anything my animals have produced. Yet they can not go to the local grocery store or down the street to someone else who raises dairy goats and chickens because the products cause a large number of problems for them. 

I don't think we can be sensitive enough when we are talking about the pain someone else feels. If it is felt it is real. 

I will continue to listen when others say it hurts to much because I know that pain is real. 

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Does fodder from barleygrass contain gluten or is it just the seed?

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the contact with wheat and Barley or breathing of dust for a celiac can be much the same as eating it.  I am hoping to find an organic gluten free feed so my little girl can fee the chickens without gloves and a mask!

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