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Are gold sex links, gold comets, gold stars all the same bird just multiple names? And if so are the color varieties such as red stars, red comets, black comets, black stars, red/black/brown/gold sex link all just the same breed with a million names for each color variety? Does the egg/meat size/production vary for the different colors? Sorry for all the questions but BYC is the best place i have found for knowledge and this question has been bothering me for quite a while now hmm.png  only because after months of researching and planning my flock i have decided that i'd like 2 red stars to be a part of the family yet nobody in my immediate area has red "stars", they all have red comets, gold comets gold sex links, black stars, etc. Their color truly doesn't matter, they are all adorable, but if they all produce the same 250-300 large brown eggs per year i'd be happy to stop waiting it out and finally get my chicks! lol!

From what I have gathered they are all sex linked hybrids. The main difference besides color patterns and nicknames are the parent breeds used to create these hybrids. For instance a Rhode Island Red rooster mated with a Delaware hen generally makes a red sex link, but if you use a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen the offspring may be called Cinnamon Queens and there are many other mixes and names. Also different breeders and hatcheries may call mixes by their own names. I plan on naming the sex links I produce to kinda put my lil twist it since they're coming from my matings.