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Sorry to hear that.
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ouch :ep:barnie:sick

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sorry to hear that



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Had just started my flock. Had maybe about 10 birds at this point. Que alarm not going off. I wake up late. Rush up to the pen. Canibal (can we guess how one of my favs got her name) had pecked speckles head open. I mean i could see skull and the skin like it was riped off in one good yank and left partially on. I frantically call my chicken guy i got her from. He tells me calm down it happens and will happen again. He told me rince it off witb water pinch the skin shut and....SUPER GLUE IT SHUT. Just run of the mill super glue. And ill be ****** if it didnt work. I had her 2 plus years. Then just the other day i noticed she was gone. Im not sure if a preditor got her tho i would expect to find feathers. Or if she walked off to pass away tho im not sure why. Que like a year later baby roo picks a fecent size hole on anothef baby roos head. No skin to pinch shut. But i improvised. Closed what skin i could and kind of layered a super glue scab over the open area. It was warm out so i didnt want bugs in it. Both after super glue treatment had seperation special protein like yogurt and antibodic cream. Neosporin or off brand store kind. Both survived. Ive used super glue a few other times. Works wonders.
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I had a hen recently survive a very brutal fox attack recently. I use vetericyin on open wounds. If shocks give electrolytes. Chickens are pretty tough and make sure they are drinking and eating. I have a chicken first aid kit to grab in a hurry if and when something happens.
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