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Originally Posted by aart View Post

I was surprised, at first, when tsc wanted me to bring the infested bags back into the store.
Thought he didn't believe me....later figured he knew well about it.

Now that I know more about them....they don't freak me out so much.
I just keep the bag isolated in metal cans and sprinkle DE in the feed, on outside of bag, inside the can, on lid of can, and on the floor around the can.

I agree, after reading up on them, they weren't as creepy. I was only worried about them getting into my kitchen. Another store told me they have issues with Blue Seal, but all their feed is kept In a separate building. Don't get me wrong, I love TSC, but after two rounds with these guys and the store is still infested, I'm driving farther and going local. The small feed store is actually cheaper than TSC. They store their feed in a way that's easier to clean.
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All infested bags are pulled from the floor and isolated. We then bleach, spray, sweep, and wipe every location the bags came from. Purina is right. They're very common little bugs.

I've read that as well. They're almost always there, they just need the right conditions. Our infestation happened when it was pretty hot and humid in the middle of July. Second happened with a/c on, so I guess because they were alive and well on the bag, it didn't matter.
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Originally Posted by aart View Post

Just thought I'd post an update as someone asked about this incidence.
Still am not buying any poultry feed from TSC, but have seen the grain mites in my bins again.
Not sure if they are from the mill I use now or left overs from the TSC infestation,
but they are easily eradicated with DE......
......indeed grain mites are probably the number one reason that DE is an ingredient in many feeds.
They are really quite physically fragile insects and cause no harm directly to the chickens.
We had grain mites in a bag of wheat middlings we bought at TSC. We took the whole bag we had already poured into our galvanized can we use for storage and made them dump it and clean out our can so that we made sure to not have any infestations here. They made good on everything and we just got lucky. That grain was purchased for our mealworm farm.
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So if I put my food grade DE in bags of grains or feed or the peanuts will it kill the grain moths or weevils too??? I am so sick of th blaney blanks.. hard to get rid of in the house. So I also use "panty pest traps"

thanks yall

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