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crossing breeds

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Hi! I have an Indian Game Cockerel and have put him to two light sussex hens! I've currently got the fertile eggs in the incubater coming on great! Now....I have just read about sexlinked chicks and by crossing these I will create a sexlink! Is that correct? I have already put him to a few of my other hens and the chicks are beautiful, but I was getting too many fertile eggs. So I thought I'd put him to my l/sussex girls instead. Within a week the eggs were fertile and went straight in my incubator...he must be a bit frisky lol
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It depends on what color your cockerel is.

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He's dark
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Dark as in black, or dark as in red based? Light sussex hen can be used for a red sexlink as long as the rooster is a red/gold based color. A solid black rooster would not work. 

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I just presumed it would be as he's an Indian game cock. The jubilee cocks are white! What I read just said Indian game male
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Looks like black breasted red. That should work for a red sexlink.

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Lovely! Thanks for the info
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I made Blake sex links by taking my light brahma too and crossing with my barred rock hen
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I used a Partridge Welsummer cock over a Light Sussex hen a few years ago.

The chicks were sex linked, hens being a buff colour and cocks being white.


I dont think it will be as obvious with this cross but will be interesting to see how you get on.:thumbsup

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