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Anemic Rooster with no parasites

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I have a year and a half old Sicilian buttercup rooster, he is very deformed, but happy. About a month ago his comb and wattles went white and I wormed him but now his comb is shriveling up. I took him to the vet Monday and they did a fecal float and he has no parasites at all. We wormed him again anyway, and now we are going to try antibiotics to see if he improves. Aside from being severely anemic he acts totally normal, eats and drinks good, no diarrhea. What could be wrong with him? He lives with his girlfriend and some babies and they are all fine. Also what can I give him for an iron supplement? I've been making him lots of snacks with high iron food, but I think he could use an extra boost.
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Could he have lice? because that's another way they can get anemia. My suggestion is to feed him scrambled egg to help with the anemia. I don't suggest a supplement with iron because.. Well.. If I remember correctly iron is lethal in doses that would be okay to humans... So... Idk. Anyone else have any ideas?
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Nope no lice and no respiratory infection either. I have been feeding him scrambled egg with spinach and veggies and sometimes hamburger. He also gets unmedicated chick food and vitamins and electrolytes in his water. He needs to put on some weight so I've been feeding him anything he will eat.
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Did you ever figure our what this was? I have a rooster who's comb went pale and he stopped crowing, yet he acts normal. I just found lice and mites today and treated him for that and a broad spectrum wormer. Im hoping he'll get back to how he used to be.  A big fluffy bird with a monster comb and a loud voice(I could live without the crow though!)

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We think it was cancer, we treated for worms and gave antibiotics but nothing helped. We lost him a few months ago. I hope your guy gets better.
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Thanks for the reply. I hope I can get him out of it too! 

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My 1 yr old girl has been wobbling and progressively worsening since Easter, ad her face has gone pale to white. She gasps all day long. Her crop seemed puffier in the beginning just a bit? So have I have given her drench and today used electrolyte vitamins.  BUT I also gave her some Nystatin Oral Suspension a couple weeks back for 2 days. I did not have a dose for chickens as it was for my kiddo but I'd say I syringed maybe 5ml or a teaspoon in with hubby's assist every time she gasped. After that her face reddened up again and she walked MUCH better and her tail went back up for a day or so then back to the latter and now worsening, so I will try that again and see how it goes. Her crop has not been distended and she is much more frail now. She eats well but cannot seem to stand up fully and flops so she is in quarantined 4x4 safety area within the run in the day and in her own 2x 4 nesting area in the coop at night because the others jumped her at the start once I removed her overnight and seem to want to keep at it. Oh and she stopped laying about a week ago but I don't feel an egg so maybe she's just to frail to make any?

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