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I purchased 3 Silver Laced English Orpington chicks. They were supposed to be from diversified lines with the rooster being a direct European import. 2 died within a week. I'm not sure exactly how many days it was before they died, I would have to check back in my records. But I am positive it was less than a week. The breeder did not tell me of their replacement/refund policy (or should I say, lack thereof). I sent her videos of the second dying chick after the first silver laced died. The ones that died did not grow and never started getting ANY feathering in their wings. They simply stayed looking like chicks that had literally just hatched and dried. It was very strange. Has anyone else experienced this? The breeder has very reluctantly agreed to replace them but I have been waiting for about 6 weeks now and today was told I would have to wait another week and a half. I told her if it was more convenient for her, I would gladly accept a refund of my $120. She adamantly refused and offered to replace the chicks. I did not pester the breeder as I imagine some people may do. I expected the breeder would contact me and be honest and forth coming when my chicks were ready. After 5 weeks and not a word from the breeder I made contact inquiring about my replacements. I have had to contact her 3 times to get an answer about whether or not she had even hatched my replacements. I also had purchased Bielefelders from this breeder at the same time. 2 of those chicks died too. They all started dropping like flies. None grew. None began growing ANY feathers on their wings. Today when she told me she would meet me with my silver laced replacements I asked if she would also have my Bielefelder pullet replacement chick. She told me she had no Bielefelders, but only 2 days ago she was advertising them for sale. When I brought to her attention that I knew she had advertised them, she said they were already sold.

REALLY? So she knew she had my silvers ready but didn't save my Bielefelder pullet to complete my replacement order??? When I asked her why she didn't do this I did not get an answer. She finally agreed to fully fill my replacement order. I asked where the Bielefelder would be coming from and she said it would be coming from her. I don't know what to believe anymore. I can't make heads or tales of what she tells me.

Upon the original purchase, we met at a predetermined place that was extremely convenient for both of us. Convenient for me because it is within reasonable driving distance from my house and convenient for her because she said she travels that way every other week. Well, the third time that I inquired about the replacements, she finally told me the silver were hatched but she had no idea when she would be traveling my way again. I asked if she could even give me a rough idea of when that date could possibly be and she stated that she had no idea. After some prodding for straight and honest answers she suddenly was POSITIVE it would be within a week and a half and she suddenly had Bielefelder pullets that weren't sold and I have been guaranteed they are going to be from her, not acquired elsewhere. Hmmm. Interesting to say the least. I guess if I also had the ability to make pullets mysteriously appear I wouldn't be needing replacements. Some people have amazing talents.

Again, I would like to know if anyone else has experienced chicks that did not develop and grow and died within a week. These chicks were put in with 3 or 4 of my own French Black Copper Marans hatchlings. None of my home hatched chicks died. I have never had a chick die before this. I have never even had one get sick. And none have died since. The silver laced and the Bielefelders that I have left seem to be much weaker birds than any of my other birds. I have to watch over them very, very carefully. They aren't energetic, vigorous birds at all. They have been fully feathered for quite sometime now, but I still bring them into my house when they seem especially slow moving or tired-ish. I sure wish I could figure out what is wrong with them. My flock is PT tested neg., have all the proper care and all seem to be happy vibrant birds...with the exception of the slo and Bieles. Oh and btw, my slo has light slate colored legs and the 2 that died did as well. I didn't think English slo should have slate legs?
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Hi i realize this post is older. I am in search of someone selling english silver laced chicken fertile eggs. I am looking to get 6 eggs from one flock and 6 from another flock to prevent inbreeding etc.. does anyone know or have some they want to sale for a fair price!!! Thanks
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