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URGENT!!!! Hoarse/Wheezing Rooster - Please help with Tylan 50 Dosage!!!

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Hi Everyone, 


I have a 1 yr old white comet rooster that started sounded hoarse 2 days ago.  He is eating, drinking and acting normal but is now wheezing.  Needless to say, I am very concerned and want to treat him promptly and correctly.  


After much research I want to treat him with Tylan 50 (unfortunately Tylan 200 isn't available at my local Tractor Supply).  This is a good sized rooster, but is very skiddish of people and prefers not be handled.  As such, I am hesitant to inject so I will administer it orally.  I've read on here some people saying to administer 1cc of Tylan 50 but I've also read on here some saying to administer 1/2cc.  I'm not sure what to do and don't want to overdose or under-dose.  Also I believe this has to be administered for 5-7 days, but I wanted to confirm that as well.  


In addition, I just ordered Oxine which will arrive on Tuesday and I will be spraying that as well.  I've gotten some herbs to mix into the feed (basil, dill, thyme and cinnamon), and have put VetRx on his nostrils and under his wings.  I put either apple cider vinegar, oregano oil or garlic in their water as well.  


Any other suggestions?  I want him to get better asap!  His name is Jaws and he's just the coolest Rooster.  PLEASE HELP!  THANK YOU!

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I have a Salmon Favorelle rooster with the same problem. 

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If it's a resperatory issue you could use aromatherapy. Keep him in a cage under a sheet or towel. Get some eucalyptus oil and lemon balm oil also known as Melissa oil and place a few drops in some boiling water in a little bowl. Eucalyptus oil is anti viral and does amazing thigs for the respiratory tract.
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roseyred - Thank you for this suggestion, I will try that! 

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You could also make him some "tea" lol maybe some strong dandelion tea with lots of honey mashed into some feed. Lol I strongly believe in natural healing clearly lol
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Anyone? I got Tylan 50 and am unsure of the dosage! Thanks in advance?
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For a chicken under 5 lb. I would use 1/2 ml daily for 3-5 days given by injection into the breast muscle daily, or given by mouth. For a chicken over 5 lb, I would use 1 ml. For a bantam, I would decrease the dosage to 1/4 ml. Tylan 50 can be given orally or by a shot. Tylan Soluble Powder is for using in the drinking water for 5 days. Dosage is 1 tsp. per gallon. Are there any other symptoms than wheezing? Here is a good link to read about common respiratory diseases:

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Eggcessive, thank you for the response. No other symptoms. I'm nervous to give him an injection as I've never given one to a chicken and because he's really not happy being handled. In regards to administering Tylan 50 orally, what dosage do you recommend?
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The same dosage is used orally, and since there is a wide margin of safety with Tylan, some use it twice a day.

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I have a 1 year old rooster who is wheezing and sneezing. I started him on oxytetracycline and day 2 he looked better day 3 not so great and day 4 I thought he was done. I got tylan 50 I gave him .4 cc injected under the skin of the neck. He is looking better not great... Before he got sick he weighed about 6 lbs he is not around 5 lbs.

I have read on BYC to inject it sub Q and other say to inject into the breast muscle. what are the pros and cons of both? 

He is not eating or drinking much. I have been giving him buttermilk via an oral syringe. I will try the eucalyptus oil steam and see if he gets any relief from that.

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