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What type of pump for duck pond?

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We are in the process of creating a 10X10 duck pond for our girls and I'm curious what kind of pump people use for their duck ponds.  My husband was thinking we should get a sewage pump to make sure it doesn't clog up all the time.


And then we are planning to filter the water through a few barrels with plants.  I have been looking into duckponics.




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I would like to know too as I want ducks, but don't want to be wasting water due to the drought.
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Any updates on your pond??   I bought a used little Giant WPG-80-PW  it's a 3500 gpm pump w 2 outlets.  Someone else on here used the same on a rather large pond with waterfall.  I am currently just going to use 3 kiddie pools and cascade them into one another w a water fall at top and pump in lower pool.  I have 2- 55 gal food grade barrels that I;m going to make a filter out of.  This should be sufficient for if/when I decide to make a bigger, more realistic pond. 

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It's a long story.  We worked on the pond all summer and are still having issues with the pump.  We thought a sewage pump would be a good idea, but they haven't worked, so I'm now trying to find a pond pump that can handle the size of the pond.  We ended up making the pond bigger, it is approximately 21' x 20' and 4000 gallons.  We have two large containers filled with lava rocks (approx 400-500 gallons) for the filter, which has to be cleaned a couple times a month.  We started with 2 55 gallon drums but it ended up not being enough filter for our pond.  I heard from a pond expert that you need 50 gallons for every 1000 gallons of water and even more for a duck pond.

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While sewage pumps are convenient they aren't designed for continuos use and sometimes have a lubrication oil that can seep out and kill everything in the pond.

There are absolutely pumps that can handle this but you have departed from the submersible flavor. You'll be wanting an external pump as the submersibles don't have a high enough flow rate for your application. You will run the input into the pond, likely with a pre filter, and the output to your bacteria filters. Think of it like a small pump house for a pool.

The pump can can be picked up locally at a pond store or aquarium store that deals with large koi ponds.

This is the koi pond store I purchase my pond supplies from and all the filters, pumps and plumbing is available so you can get an idea of scope and cost.
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post #6 of 6 Build a skippy bio-filter and never clean again! Check out sicce

Take a look at Sicce pumps. Good quality and low amp draw.
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