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Free roosters

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I have some roosters that I need to rehome. I have a bantam that My sister got at an auction that I cannot keep. I have three 3 1/2- 4 month old production red roosters that I sadly cannot keep. They aren't mean. They barely even have standoffs with each other. But I already decided to keep my asian blue roo chick.
If I can't find homes for those four soon, I will have to bring them to the local auction.
My last boy, for now, that I would like to find a home for is a black and gold bantam mix that I got from a friend as a chick last year. He is a great rooster. Stays with his girls. He's not big on being handled but he won't go after you. Almost every egg I incubate is fertile (he's the only one with the hens).

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Ahem. Who doesn't have roosters to re-home. I have a flock of five and two are cockerels.

If you find someone who just loves roosters, let us know.

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Have you advertised on Craig's List? When I list free roosters on there, they're gone right away.

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I will not post animals on Craigslist anymore due to issues I had when I posted bucklings
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My black and gold boy I am willing to keep around for a little while longer. At least until my asian blue gets big
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Where are you located? My son wants a pet rooster so bad.
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I have a beautiful free rooster needs a new home forked river new jersey
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 If you still have them I would love to have roosters at my house at least one.  I live in Monkton ,VT 604 Rotax Road in the yellow house

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