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Road Island Reds

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I have 5 Road Island Reds and one isn't looking as healthy as the others.  The reason being is there is a lack of feathers (in a strip) down the front of her neck exposing the red skin.  I have looked through the book but can't seem to come up with an answer.  Any advice?  Thank you!

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If you have other chickens they can pec or pick on the other children
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if you could post pictures that might help but as stated chickens will pick/peck at each other. If the skin is red/raw it will make it look more appealing to the others to cont. to pick at it. Have you seen them picking at her? You can try no pick or you can separate her and give her extra vitamins in her water to give her a boost. 

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How old is she? If she's over a year and you are in the northern hemisphere,then there is a good chance she is moulting. Some chickens just lose odd feathers here and there when they moult and you can hardly even tell. Others lose them in blocks, making quite obvious bald patches. Sometimes their flock mates peck at the new pin feathers coming through and that can make them raw. t is also worth checking for lice and mites.

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Thinking of buying Red sex link. I live in the northeast are they a r cold & hot weather chicken

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