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Runty, my cousins bantam, hopefully a pullet, anyone have ideas?
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Ziva and Selene, my banties also hopefully pullets,
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Snow, my other cousins banty roo,
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They look like maybe the are old english gamebantam mix with sebrights or de ulles

Very pretty
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Thanks! smile.png I had an idea that they were a mix between a sebright an some other bantam, smile.png
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Your welcome

Runty, selene and ziva looks like pullets

Snow looks like a de ulles/ oebg mix
He has feathered legs and those extra tuffs"hocks" on the back of the legs too ( a de ulles trait)

Ajax is a sebright mix I believe
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Neat! big_smile.png
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Also, I was playing with a laser light in the coop yesterday, and ALL my chicks were chasing it, it was hilarious, but I noticed Selene wasn't getting in on the action, so I put the laser light near her and she freaked out, it was kinda funny though, honestly. She was simply scratching around on the floor of the coop, and then I turned on the light in front of her, and she jumped about three feet in the air, flapping her wings, spun around, and took off! big_smile.png
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Haha hilarious!! :-D
My kitten plays with the laser
But I never tried it with my chickens
They would probaly do the same thing
Mine are very curious lol
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Well, I put some empty burlap sacks in the coop to help keep it warmer, and I didn't realize a few days later that they were pecking it. I had one of my gut feelings while I was putting our horses out to the field that I should go check the coop. I didn't listen. sad.png Selene hung herself on a string and passed away. sad.png luckily none of the others hurt themselves, and I will miss her so much sad.png she was always the girl that always had a 'bad hair day' she was also becoming a gorgeous pullet. sad.png *sigh*
So I went back to the place we bought them from and asked if they had any bantam hens they were willing to sell. We bought three of them, one being the mother. She will be forever missed. But on a better note, Ziva is becoming my little girl that wants to cuddle. smile.png I'm kinda wondering if it's because she knows I'm sad. Haven't played with them with the laser in a while, I lost it, hmm.png
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