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Anyone in Billings Montana or nearby ?

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Random question for all you Montanans. What time of day do your chickens lay? I always thought chickens laid in the mornings. I never get an egg before noon (except from the ducks, they lay early in the day). Usually they lay around 3 to 5 pm. Do I have odd chickens??
Mine also only lay in the afternoon smile.png
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Hello im in eastern montana culbertson. Have chickens duck geese soon quial and turkey on the search for guinea! We started hatching our own these year and just love it
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Mine also only lay in the afternoon smile.png
Hi chicken women...I live in Big Timber, actually south of Big Timber in the mountains. We love it up here..

Adalia... my chickens lay pretty late in the day... some days not until 1 pm..
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There is a post over in Predators that might interest some of you.  Apparently there is a program that will pay half the cost of putting up electric fencing to keep bears away from your chickens or livestock or orchards.  They'll pay up to $500.  I'm going to look into it as soon as I get home.  Although we don't get bear too often we do live in one of the counties that are included.  I guess Fish and Wildlife will also come to your house and help you design a system.   Apparently the bears are waking up already.  They'll be hungry. 


I tried to copy and paste the link but my computer is being touchy today.  Maybe someone else can do it for me. 

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Hens eggs develop from start to lay between 24 and 26 hours per literature. That means that the time will slowly change over the days since it is a little more than a 24 hour period. With my hens, some lay in the morning, some afternoon, and even some lay at night.

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Due to some major changes in my life, I am having to do some large downsizing of my chicken population. I have quite a few bantam crosses that are cochin and silkie crosses. The majority are bantam males and they are FREE and can be used for meat too. But I have several groups of large fowl and individuals for sale also.

Have a breeding pair - male and female - of large fowl Blue Cochins, hatchery stock, for $40.00


Have a breeding pair - male and female - of large fowl French Black Copper Marans, for $40.00





I have a breeding trio of Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons that are for sale for $60.
Pictures not posted yet.)


Have a white silkie male, about 2 years old, for $10.



I have some frizzle crosses of bantam Silkie and bantam Cochin and Silkie x bantam araucana females (females that lay blue eggs) and males (carry blue egg gene). Males are free, females are $5.00. There are many more types of bantam crosses than the pictures I put on here. Just a representative of those offered.


Have a nice non-hatchery Salmon Favorelle male, 2 years old, for sale at $10.00.


A purebred bantam Birchen Cochin, 1 year old, for $10.00



I have a lot of PET QUALITY of the Traditional Serama type for sale. Many males and several females. These are considered the smallest chickens in the world. They can be kept in a x-large bird cage and since they ARE true chickens, their eggs taste like regular eggs. (I like to tell people I had a 10 egg omelet for breakfast.) $10.00 each, full grown adults.



PM me regarding any of these, or call/text 4 zero 6 - 4 five one - three four 4 9. Texting or Calling will be responded to MUCH faster than messages online.


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Help!  Found my lost hen today with 4 brand new chicks!  I feel I need to get the chicks into the brooder box since there is no water in the back yard.  My question is, do I put the mother hen into the brooder with them?  Thanks!  I already partitioned off my brooder box as I have 12 3 week old chicks in there already!

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Well, we went ahead and captured the whole family of 5 and put them in the brooder box, with the heat lamp about 3' above, and with chick starter feed and water.  Momma seems happy, even after being captured with a fish net, and the chicks alternate between exploring and going under momma's wings!  Our twelve one-month old chicks are separated by a plastic construction fence partition, and every time they approach the new mom and chicks, she tries to peck them!  Good, protective momma, a Black Australorp.  Daddy is an Easter Egger, but all the chicks look like BA's.  It will be interesting to see what they turn out to look like.  Will momma do OK on the chick starter feed for a couple of weeks?

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We had to leave for 2 weeks and I was so worried about my little worms. So I put lots of baby carrots and prayed for the best. We got home and I found a trillion of them! I think more hatched out while I was gone, I quickly added more baby carrots and watched. I forgot, do the worms shedd? I really got worried because there were lots of them in one corner. I panicked at first then I saw I had a trillion so I was OK with it... I have been waiting for 4 months for these little worms. lol I now need to sift my other drawer and maybe because it's getting warmer I'll get worms quicker. I can't wait to really be a mealworm Rae
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Babies came today!!  3 EE, 3 Columbian Wyandotte, and 3 Buckeyes. 




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