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5280 Coops, LLC in Denver, Colorado - Anybody have any feedback?

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I'm looking for any feedback from anyone who has worked with or has had any experience with Jason Cordova with 5280 Coops?  He builds coops and rabbit hutches in the greater Denver area. 



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Hi Colorado chicken owners,

I just wanted to follow up on this post regarding 5280 Coops owned by Jason Cordova and Christine Romero.  I recommend that you save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration and avoid doing business with these people.  I had a very bad experience with them.  In summary, he did not finish what was agreed to in our contract and he did not finish it per the schedule in our contract. The coop was supposed to be completed in 7-10 days (no more than 20 days, weather dependent; however, weather was not an issue).  After almost 2 months, the coop was still not done and I had to get someone else to finish it.  They are likely not doing business as 5280 Coops any longer - I don't know what their new business name is.  Send me a personal message if you're interested in more details.  He advertises on Craigslist with this picture.  I hope this info helps someone avoid a terrible experience like mine.



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You might want to drop this in the Colorado thread as well. I had never heard of them but then I built my own coop so had no need. Even though the regulars on there are pretty well set up there are many people that lurk in the shadows and read a lot before joining BYC.


I am sorry I did not see your original post back when you posted. I would have tried to help guide you to a reputable builder.

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Thanks for the tip, I  just posted in the Colorado thread.  I appreciate the note, thanks!

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It really stinks some people still take advantage of others like that.

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Please DO NOT use this guy!!!!!!!! Who would have thought we would have such a struggle...screwed and seriously sad i didnt look here like the originator of this thread did! Consumer beware....he collected money ...we were thrilled to have a better coop for our flock.....went over got every excuse for not getting it done...then said he would deliver what he had done and do onsite work the next day. Original meeti g and payment made 1 month ago..... It is a plywood windows nesting box....this is what was delivered by his kids wife and self...not safely. Then here. Over and over again......then decided to refuse completion of the coop until we paid the bal6ance!! Are you kidding! I want to spread the word and save others the exposure. Endorsed by a feed company that needs to start protecting its customers as well. We saved hard earned unethical. sad.png i am taking pictures so may post them for added incentive to BEWARE. We are in the process of filing a s m all claims in hopes to spare others the terrible experience we have had. BBB reporting may spare a few consumers as well.
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I'm sorry to hear that you had the same terrible experience!   It sounds exactly like my experience. We had a detailed contract, he made me feel comfortable, I gave him my money, and then the nightmare began.  He used every excuse in the book: 1) his son got sick and was in the hospital, 2) his truck got stolen with all his tools in it, 3) jury duty, 4) he went on vacation to Las Vegas (seriously!) and 5) he was delivering a coop and it fell on him and he got injured (and said he was going to send his sons to finish mine, who are teenagers or younger)!   Even after all that I gave him one last shot to show up and finish, and he stood me up. After that it was clear he had no intention of completing my coop.   It's hard to believe there are scammers like this out there. You are correct that he is a crook. Beyond that, he was was moody and confrontational.  He had the nerve to tell me he had other people's coops to take care of when mine was paid for and past the contract due date.  I encourage you to file small claims.  I wanted to, but I decided it wasn't worth the emotional angst; I had been through enough.  I filed a complaint with BBB to try to get some of my money back, so his company is now in their system.  I encourage you to share your experience with BBB!  My complaint is pending (he hasn't responded of course), but hopefully soon it'll show an unresolved complaint, which will be a warning to consumers.  I'm unable to give him a rating because I've already filed a complaint, but it would be accurate if he was rated 'F'.


RE: the feed company (Wardle Feed on Wadsworth, right?), he told me he was going to start building all of their coops for them.  Do you think that was another lie or maybe he was working on those coops while NOT working on ours?  I considered calling the owner to see if it was true and if he had any problems with him.  Might not be a bad idea.


Also, he told me that they were closing 5280 Coops and not going to do business anymore.  I suspect that he'll just pick another business name and keep dodging bad references and continue building coops and scamming people.  I should have known that he was not legit after nothing popped up in a web search and he didn't have a website. Plus his Craigslist add didn't mention his business name.  I did call two references who both said he was good.  They were probably his friends and not real references.


Good luck in small claims! 

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It is highly disturbing to me...he was very rude and aggitated when he made his kids deliver the coop. The box is more like it! We have every intention of following up with any method needed to stop them from doing this to anyone else. He has been working on someone elses coop which prevented him getting to ours. Ill post a photo or two tomorrow. Yes the feed store in Wheatridge! I did call and speak with them. They need to be aware of his unethical business practice too. Thanks for the luck and well wishes with small claims. Weve gotten advise from 2 lawyers as you said it takes energy and emotional strength....but as my son said we need to stand up for ourselves. And others.
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Don't get me started on this guy. Total crook and rude to boot! It took him months to "complete" the job! He did not deliver on promised items (predator proofing and linoleum henhouse floor) yet charged extra. I mistakenly paid upon delivery of materials. Save yourself a lot of misery and get a coop any other way.
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Sorry he ripped you off too! Hes terrible! We finished our coop ourselves as anyone has who hired 5280 coops/ Jason Cordova to build for them has.........and relieved our dealings with him are over. He needs to be stopped. Keep spreading the word. Through various means I've alerted the area we live hopes he doesnt get any more work.
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