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  1. Fanci Feathers Marans
    (We are the most unorganized group of superheroes to ever exist.)

    Name: Gage
    Age: 20-something
    Height: 5' 3"
    Physical Identification:
    Skill(s): wings, man!
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): can't really sit in a chair, is bumping into things all the time, can't swim. Also can't drive a normal car. Feathers need some sort of expensive oil to work properly. Also, being short. Because wingmen are short.
    Likes: Coffee, internet, Chicago Bulls
    Dislikes: Goin out and doing stuff. Especially stuff that involves small children. Or people. Basically doing this whole thing. If he had to do it by himself it would be his worst nightmare.
    Quirks: says 'good morning' as a greeting, even if it is four o clock in the afternoon. Is terrified of cats. Pockets always have a gum wrapper in it that looks like it's been through the laundromat five times. Because who has time to clean their pockets?
    @Fanci Feathers Marans

    Name: Finley
    Age: 24
    Height: 5' 1"
    Physical Identification: Irish guy with platinum blonde hair, white goat legs, bilberry goat horns, amber eyes. Always has a wireless earbud in one of his ear. Wears a light grey T-shirt and pants, and occasionally a kilt.
    Skill(s): Super jump (is that okay?)
    Drawbacks: Has a lot of energy (because a lot of energy is needed for jumping super high), needs specially made shoes and pants, gets his horns stuck on almost everything.
    Likes: Playing the bagpipe and flute, listening to music, cats, plants.
    Dislikes: Being called or reminded that he is short, almost every animal on the planet, especially goats (yup, goats), children, swimming.
    Quirks: He has a very... eccentric personality, Calls everybody "cupcake" (I got that from a character from Heros of Olympus series), ADHD, sort of defensive.
    Other: Has an Irish accent
    @CP Chicken

    Name: Zen
    Age: 15
    Height: 5” 6’
    Physical Identification: He has fair skin, reddish -brown hair and light brown eyes, and is short yet stealthy. Almost always wears a plaid shirts open with a t-shirt underneath.
    Skill(s):His special powers include invisibility and super speed.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): He can accelerate in speed really fast causing him to end up crashing into people or buildings.
    Likes:Coffee, chocolate and animals
    Dislikes: Hordes of people
    Quirks: He is known to be sarcastic, but compassionate always helping a friend in need.

    Name: Jenna
    Age: 27
    Height: 5" 11'
    Physical identification:
    IMG_4983 (2).JPG
    Skill(s): empathy
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): she gets a lot of headaches, knows everything someone is feeling (which isn't always a good thing)
    Likes: coffee, most animals, shopping, the mall.
    Dislikes: spiders, snakes, soda, bullies, criminals.
    Quirks: she is friendly, is almost always around other people, used to be a child therapist before joining the group, tries to resolve fights without being physical.

    Name: Rex
    Age: 29
    Height: 6"3'
    Physical identification:
    Skills: is half wyvern, & can turn into a wyvern fully.
    Drawbacks because of skills: his wings get everywhere, his horns get stuck on everything, ruins his out fit whenever he changes to wyvern form.
    Likes: to be alone, guns, shiny things, flying.
    Dislikes: people, houses, tight spaces, elevators.
    Quirks: he is super strong (having nothing to do with his power). He often always has spare change in his pockets, but if you ask to borrow some he will smack you. He isn't super friendly, and has a "tough love" sort of attitude when it comes to his friends. He has claustrophobia. He wears a mask that covers half of his face, blending in to his horns. Nobody knows what he looks like underneath.

    Name: Aero
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 8"
    Physical identification: Really scrawny dude with shaggy brown hair, and extremely dark brown eyes. Wears dark button-up shirts, and jeans.
    Imagine these kind of bat wings attached to his back, and when the wings retract they sort of also curve around his arms, which is annoying. He also has the bat ears instead of human ears.
    Skills: Exceptional hearing, flight.
    Drawbacks: Wings constantly get in the way; difficulty sitting in chairs; he needs specially made shirts; wings are a tad fragile so he needs to be careful with them; he is sensitive to loud noises.
    Likes: The dark, peace and quiet, art, antiques, ancient history.
    Dislikes: Large crowds- and though he likes people, he is very awkward them.
    Quirks: Clingy to the people he knows; introverted; forgetful.
    @CP Chicken

    Name: Crow
    Age: 15
    Height: 5" 6'
    Physical Identification: Pale skin, kinda-shaggy black hair, very dark brown eyes. Usually wears black or dark gray.
    Skill(s): He can transform into a crow.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): It takes about 10-15 seconds for Crow to transform into another shape, if he rushes it he could end up having feathers all over his arms or shorter wings. If he stays in crow-form for too long, he'll start thinking like a crow, though he would have to be a crow a while for that to happen. He can only transform a certain amount of times per day, as it takes energy to transform.
    Likes: Flying, crows, ancient weapons, reading
    Dislikes: Those people that throw rocks at crows and other birds. They really irritate him. And cats, one tried to eat him once.
    Quirks: He will sometimes forget he's in human-form and try to talk to crows or ravens. Kinda awkward and shy around people.
    History: Unknown, he doesn't tell anyone about it, if they ask he usually just shrugs them off.

    Name: Samantha (goes by Sammy)
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'3
    Physical Identification: Light skin and blue eyes. Longish, kinda curly blond hair.
    Skill(s): Weak firebending (control over fire, like being able to shoot fire without a source)
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Fire can be hard to control, and Sammy hasn't quite mastered her power. She doesn't practice much (doesn't want to light her house on fire), and can accidentally burn herself or others if not careful.
    Likes: Pretty much every animal on the planet, drawing, reading
    Dislikes: Hurting people (unless she has to), people she doesn't know, homework
    Quirks: She's very shy and sometimes awkward around people. Has slight ADHD. She tries to be sarcastic and funny with her friends but sometimes fails miserably.

    Name: Calynn
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'4
    Physical Identification: Long auburn hair, dark blue eyes, freckles across her nose.
    Skill(s): hydrokenisis
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): When she gets frustrated, angry or excited, objects move or shake. Not in an overly noticeable manner, though not unnoticeable.
    Likes: Animals, nature, swimming
    Dislikes: Spiders, she's not a huge fan of people as she's kind of awkward, but doesn't like being completely isolated either.
    Quirks: She can bend the top part of her thumb almost all the way back. (I don't know if that counts or not, but I think it's funny that I can do it and my sister can't. :p)

    Name: nutmeg
    Age: 13
    Height: 6’5
    Physical Identification: centaur ( I’m too lazy to draw)
    Skill(s): fast running, powerful kicks
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): can’t sit, can’t see behind her, spooked easily
    Likes: spices baking, cats
    Dislikes: sour foods, stables,
    Quirks: always has a hot plate of sweets somehow

    Name: Victoria (goes by Tor)
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'7
    Physical Identification: She has dark red hair that's been streaked almost entirely blonde by the sun, freckles ALL over her face, and dark blue eyes (her mom says they're gray... But whatever). She's built like a runner, but isn't incredibly skinny. She's almost always wearing jeans, and when she isn't, you know it's hot out. Her favorite thing to do is ride and train her horse, Kala, a 5 year old, solid black mustang mare. She also has a black belt in judo, and loves training younger kids and other people to defend themselves.
    Skill(s): Telekinesis, subtle mind control (like jedi mind tricks or charmspeak)
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): If she's focused on one thing, she becomes extremely vulnerable to other threats.
    Likes: Starbucks, horses, Star Wars and guns. She uses her telekinesis to aim well, and has a reputation as a killer sharpshooter - not literally, of course. :p
    Dislikes: Coyotes, New York City, makeup and drama queens. She prefers to work alone, but isn't afraid to ask for help if she needs it.
    Quirks: She knows a bunch of random facts about a bunch of random topics, but always forgets the most important things (like dates and times of important events).
    Username: PeepersMama

    Name: Marcus
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'
    Physical Identification: He's the kind of guy that makes girls take a second look. Dark, wavy black hair, which he always keeps short enough that it doesn't blow in the wind, chocolate-brown eyes, and reddish-tan skin, which is even darker than what it should be due to hours of working outside. He wears longsleeved western shirts like a uniform, dark blue jeans stained with dust and pawprints, and leather boots, covered in scars and scuffs from getting stepped on by horses. He's quiet and hard-working, hates being the center of attention, but he isn't antisocial or "strong-silent." He works at the same barn as Victoria, and secretly has a crush on her - he goes out of his way to keep it hidden though, and avoids talking to her unless he has to.
    Skill(s): He can literally speak to animals telepathically, but he doesn't realise it- yet.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): He doesn't work as well with people. And he's mildly allergic to pollen. :p
    Likes: Peace, quiet, sweating in the sun, and his horse, Tuco, an extremely snippy gray Andalusian stallion.
    Dislikes: Chaos, disrespectful freshman boys, and ill-mannered dogs.
    Quirks: His ultimate weakness is black coffee. P
    Just get this boy a plain ol' grande americana and he'll do anything for you. :lol:
    Username: @PeepersMama

    Name: Misty
    Physical Identification: shoulder length golden blonde hair with angled sidebangs covering her left eye, the ends of her sidebangs are dyed teal, blue eyes with gold flecks, freckles all on her nose and cheeks. Has a track runner body. Inside of her ears are teal and the tip of her tail is teal the rest of her tail is white and the rest of her ears are black. Likes to wear an open Teal and black hoodie with a gray sleeveless undershirt and dark navy jeans.
    Skill(s): She is half wolf half human, very skilled with a long sword, can transform into a wolf form, has ice powers, is extremely skilled in hand-to hand combat, stealthy.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Shes persecuted because she is half wolf, she can only stay in her wolf form for 2 hours. Cant stand heat, has ADHD.
    Likes: Chicken, (as pets) Cashmere wool, dogs, defeating her enemies, tea especially a hot chai latte, Grant (Has a crush on him but she hides it very well) doing anything with Grant.
    Dislikes: People persecuting her, loosing to her enemies, cats, coffee, the serial killer Maru.
    Quirks: She can be quite cold but warm at times, yells quite a bit, she will literally roll on anything that is extremely soft, secretly wears a necklace brown scapular but she hides it in her shirt, is extremely warm and giddy when alone with Grant.

    Name: Grant
    Age: 17
    Height: 5"11
    Physical Identification: Short shaggy pitch black hair, blood red eyes, Half wolf, always wears an open black hoodie with a blood red undershirt, a strap across his chest and back that holds his broad sword, has a dark gray tail with a blood red tip that he hides in his hoodie along with dark gray ears with blood red insides.
    Skill(s): Has fire powers, (Firebending if you will :D) fights with a sword extremely well, exceptional at hand to hand combat, Is half wolf and can transform into a wolf.
    Drawbacks b iecause of skill(s): cant be in water, is ruthless because of his traumatic orphaning, everyone thinks hes an evil person because of how he looks and acts, can only be in his wolf form for 2 hours like Misty, is persecuted because he is half wolf.
    Likes: Black coffee, wolves, dogs, Misty (Has a crush on her but he pushes it WAYY down inside of him he shows hints of it though. Shes the only person who he shows emotion to) doing anything with Misty.
    Dislikes: Cats, people making fun of him, the serial killer Maru.
    Quirks: Has PTSD because of the horrific way he was orphaned, is very cold and doesn't show emotion to anyone but Misty, is secretly terrified of killing Misty by his own hand, shows his true self only when alone with Misty.

    Name: Tayn
    Age: 18
    Physical Identification: Long curly black hair, bright blue eyes.
    Skill(s): weather changes based on her feelings.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): She doesn't really have much control over her ability.
    Likes: quiet, hot drinks, and comfy blankets
    Dislikes: animals that get upset when the weathers bad, Crowds, surprises
    Quirks: brings a change of clothes with her everywhere in a backpack.

    Name: Mikki
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4"
    Physical Identification: Skinny but strong, graceful, tough, has long, rich brown hair usually held back in a smooth fishtail, green eyes, very tan skin, TONS of freckles, and delicate features. Only outward sign that she's "special" is that her eyes change color with her moods.
    Skill(s): Strong telekinesis, and can fly (without wings).
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Sometimes accidentally smashes or levitates things, sleep-floats occasionally :p.
    Likes: Big, sweet, cuddly dogs, flying fast, good friends, and improving her aim with a gun.
    Dislikes: Being lied to, being left out of important things, being called short.
    Quirks: Shy except with close friends, sweet, unexpectedly amazing aim with a gun, and is late to the point that people tell her to try to come 30 minutes early to everything.

    Name: Akira
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'8"
    Physical Identification: Shoulder length straight black hair, one side of her head shaved. She has two toned eyes blue and gold eyes. Meaning her eyes are dark blue with vibrant gold around her pupils(so her pupils, then a ring of gold, then a ring of blue). She has a set of five fox tails, and canines. Often wears cargo style pants, with a tank top and zip up hoodie.
    Skill(s): Is basically a Kitsune. She can shapeshift into a fox with five tails. She can use fox fire, which for her is in the form of electricity(I.e. she can harness electric currents or natural lightning and use it as a weapon, or to give herself more power.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Her natural form is her fox form, as such she needs to sleep in this form and reverts back to this shape when unconscious or very weak. If she harnesses too much power she becomes unstable and can cause dangerous explosions. Also has the bad habit of cutting the power when angry, or causing the light bulbs to explode. Also her tails often get in the way.
    Likes: Thunder storms, dark nights, warm beverages, and finger-less gloves.
    Dislikes: cats, hot sunny days, turtleneck sweaters, traffic, and bad drivers.
    Quirks: Has a bad habit of shocking people(think static electricity) with her tails. drinks all her beverages warm. has a pair of finger-less gloves to match any outfit, also likes scarves.

    Name: Farren (Was given the nick name "Fallen Angel")
    Age: 19-ish
    Height: 4'11 (Going off my real height... I KNOW. I'm slightly below average for my age..slightly)
    Physical Identification: Well kept soft white-ish purple short hair (Kind of like a bob cut). Pale pale skin with pale purple eyes. Wears a short black top, A big black belt with a hole lota buttons and stuff and a little chain and kind of hangs off from the belt . Short(Ish) Black skirt with long black boots. Burnt wings that are now most skin and bone with a few feathers left on after a tragic accident. Tattoos around her wrists, Left shoulder, and right under her left eye going straight down. (The tatts are just thickish lines) Aaand she carries a black umbrella everywhere.
    Skill(s): (Used to be able to fly.. not so much now) Is able to control shadows
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Due to a tragic event Farren's ability to fly was taken away but replaced with a much darker power allowing her to control all shadows around her but she isn't able to walk about in sunlight without getting burned.
    Likes: Very anti-social so likes her alone time, Loves to paint, Loves listening to music, Love to play the violin, Likes to throw in a few jokes every now-and-then, LOVES milk..
    Dislikes: Crows.. (Because of her 'Tragic event') The sound of screams, Water, and ah, well.. yeah no i think that's it. Edit: (Real life prob) HATES IT when people rest their arms on her head..
    Quirks: Call her short you're dead just like that.

    Physical Identification:Beautiful tall girl, With long bright red hair and green eyes.
    Skill(s):Witchcraft, Druidcraft what ever you like to call it.She is able to counter quite a few spells.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s):Often called names for who she is.Dark Magic, Or Wizardcraft is her worst nightmare, and any strike of Wizardcraft aims a hurtful wound.
    Likes:Nature, Druids, Hanging out with people, Animals.
    Dislikes:Thunder, Wizardcraft, Bejng call names.
    Quirks:she....Is animal insane.

    Name:Most call her Silver.
    Physical Identification:Despite her extreme friendliness, She can actually look quite frightening.She has long sharp claws instead of nails, and sharp fangs.She has brunet color hair with black ends and streaks mixed in.Her eyes are either blue, silver or gray, Sometimes when she's super angry, they can turn amber, red or black.She has a long fluffy b lack and silver wolf's tail, and can turn into a wolf at her own will.
    Skill(s):Shapshifting into a wolf, Fights EXTREMLY well with a sword, dagger, knife or even her claws and teeth.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s):Drawbacks of her skills is that she can't make friend easily, because of her slightly frightening look.And she can get EXTREMLY angry very easily.
    Likes:Wolves, People, Fighting, Dogs, animals, Horses.
    Dislikes:Thunder storms, Bears.
    Quirks:She ABSOLUTLY loves her Wolf-Dog, Named Morgana.She is also dubbed, The animal whisperer, for her talent of almost speaking to animals.Also, if a horse is in sight, It won't be long for you to see the wolf-girl riding the Horse–Saddle or Not.

    Name: Ash (totally not paying heed to the fact that nobody has last names here.)
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'7.
    Physical Identification: (I'm drawing her. First time I've ever drawn a human with serious intent. I cannot wait to die of laughter.) Shortish... compared to GMO-ridden kids nowadays... blue-eyed girl. Light caramel brown hair that has diluted steaks of near unnoticeable ginger. Kinda cute oval face with a considerable amount of faded freckles clustering to either side of her nose- you have to look really hard to see them. She's got some mediocre scars over the length of her arms, but the longest runs down the entire side of her left leg and she's sensitive about it being noticed or mentioned. Relatively lean, but she does pack some decent muscles in her shoulders that she does well to keep hidden beneath whatever wind-compatible shawl she's wearing. Usually found in a loose flannel shirt or some kind of worn draping shawl. Always in ripped jeans- and no, those holes aren't resulting from the latest trend. Having yet to find a single purpose for shoes, you'll have yet to find her in clothed feet.
    Skill(s): Wind reading. You'll have to wait and see.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Is terribly socially awkward due to the fact she's not used to communing to other people.
    She can't stand humid days that lack wind- it drives her to excessive anxiety and mumbling unintelligible things all day. She still hasn't gotten the hang of using her ears for receiving sound waves, so she's almost impossible to get the attention of from a distance- best addressed as involuntary selective hearing.
    Likes: Breezes are her life. If a day has mist in addition, Ash'll be in her glory and they'll be no sightings of her indoors for days. She's perfectly content to sleep flat out in any wind-frequented meadow- got an uninhabited hill vacant for the night? You've suddenly become her best friend. All she needs is the open sky, deafening silence, and melodious wind in her hair, and everything is at perfect ease. Being she spends so much time outdoors, she's picked up both drawing and writing; slowly improving her art to an actually decent level. She's begun to broaden her mediums, and has actually started drawing in bark, leaves, and any other natural object she can get her hands on. Another one is modeling the soft clay from riverbeds and fashioning it into some sort of animal figurine or another. Woodcarving'll be the next, undoubtedly.
    But, her first love will always be ink, so she loves pens.
    Major emphasis on pens.
    Dislikes: Humans and the world of ruin they've constructed within their polluted metropolises. It disgusts her to see the lack of delicate treatment of beautiful life- don't dare tell her of any recent abuse or abandonment cases, whether it be animal or human. She'll explode in an emotionally unstable rant that has the potential to last for daus.
    She absolutely despises fog that's heavy enough to dull the wind to the point of childish tantrums.
    Full out tantrums.
    Empty pens.
    Quirks: If you see her, she'll have a pen with her. Somewhere.
    If she's without her pen... uhhhh... something's dangerously amiss.
    Like, a natural disaster is about to destroy us all, kind of amiss.
    Wherever she is, she has to have a window open.
    She'll go to any length to have that window open.

    Name: River Katrina fleur.
    Age: 18.
    Height: 6 feet.
    Physical Identification: Light skin, dark brunet hair edging into black, grey shirt with a black jacket, blue jeans, blue tennis shoes, bright blue eyes, always has a pistol on her.
    Skill(s): she has wolf-ish teeth and fangs, instead of finger nails she has wolf claws, hearing as good as a wolf`s, can turn into a wolf
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): she often hears things she shouldn`t and it makes it awkward knowing those things and she hates it when she has to lie because of it.
    Likes: Canines, other animals, certain people, snow, practice shooting.
    Dislikes: lies, and liers in general, jerks, most people, being different from other people.
    Quirks: she is very sarcastic and loves joking around with her friends, can be gruff, quick to help, like a switch she can be nice with her friends and ready to kill a stranger, she can be cold and mean, and if it comes to it she will kill to protect the innocent, never call her anything cute. Never. and of all things never ever flirt with her.
    Other: Nickname is wolf.
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Name: Thomas
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    height: 5'9
    Description: Light skin, dark brown hair edging into black, sparkling blue eyes,
    Skill(s): You`ll see. Right now he dosen`t even know he has them. Only one person does.
    Drawbacks because of skills: His temper will just explode. And when it does, you will wish you never met him.
    Personality: Shy, quiet, smart, loyal, but very confused, everything he is told dosen`t add up, he is told he is special but then treated with hate, and his memorys? they aren`t right. Almost no one living has seen him mad. He even hasn`t. Or so he thinks.
    History: everything is right, then they die, and Firestien comes, he tells him Inhumans killed his parents and sister. And he believes him. He joins him. soon he forgets his sister`s name, and what she looks like. Then he is sent on missions that he comes back from and sleeps, and in the morning does not remember ever going.
    Likes: Quiet, animals,
    Dislikes: Lots of people, jerks, death
    Quirks: He can be silly with friends, but what are friends? Everything he knows is a lie. He`s in a dream. And he`s about to be woke up.
    Other: He`s a time bomb. And it`s on 0.
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Height:4'6" I dun no how tall a seven year old is even though my brother's seven
    Physical Identification:Likes to wear sweaters and pigtails with those little hair bands with those two big beads, always wears a hat and is always is cold, but still wears a skirt,tights, and Mary Jane shoes. Hazel eyes with brown rings around pupils and gold flecks with dishwasher blond hair, and fair skin that looks like me, and a great portion of everyone at my school where I live. Except the eyes, they be one of me trademark features. Except I'm not 7 or I wouldn't be able to spell. Her tights often have grass stains. Can you draw her?

    Skill(s):Can shoot chickens out of hands, also can teleport
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): can't wear gloves cause whenever she's threatened or her emotions change suddenly, they appear. PLUS she doesn't even like chickens! Can you believe it? She teleport in walls and stuff, so then has to teleport out.
    Likes:Cats and people
    Dislikes:Chickens and people who judge her for her powers. And squeeze her cheeks cause she's so cute. She doesn't like coffee. And dentists.
    Quirks:she doesn't like chickens but she doesn't mind getting dirty or being physically active. How does she join the group at her age? She has her ways. And her best threat is "I'm gonna shove a chicken down your throat." Just think of the physical discomfort. All attacks usually stop if she actually does it.

    Name: Adelaide
    -means "noble" or "sweet"
    Age: 16 years
    Height: 6'3"
    Physical Identification: She is extremely tall for a woman, and is a bit pale. She is covered with freckles, and has light brown hair. She also has bright green eyes. She also has a well shaped head, along with soft tinted lips. She usually has her hair in a bun. She doesn't wear glasses.
    Wears any kind of clothing she can get her paws on.

    Skill(s): Psychokinesis
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): She gets bad cramps in her hands and a massive headache when she uses it.
    Likes: Tarantulas, spiders, snakes, fish, etc. Books, guns, and tea.
    Dislikes: Coffee, bows-and-arrows, large crowds
    Quirks: She has a gorgeous smile, and is obsessed with guns.

    Name: Breyer
    Age: 15
    Height: 5' 5"
    Physical Identification:
    Drawing coming soon...
    Skill(s): Telekinesis
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Terrible migraines, has trouble focusing, has anger issues.
    Likes: Rain, Clouds, Nighttime
    Dislikes: Sunshine, heights, allergies
    Quirks: He says, "Boom goes the dynamite" A LOT. :lol:
    He wears cowboy boots ALL THE TIME. If he doesn't have 'em on... Run. For. Your. Life.

    Name:Charlotte Willow Ronan
    Physical Identification:She's tall and slim, slightly tanned. The first thing most people notice about her is her astounding sea green eyes. Her hair is long and black.
    Favorite Song: Hooked by Dylan Scott

    Skill(s):super speed, strength, and intelligence. She can also voice manipulate and has telekonesis. This is controlled by a chip in her neck, aka Bionics.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s):She sometimes crushes things with her strength.
    Likes:horses, her abilities, dogs, power
    Dislikes:people who overpower her, snakes, spiders
    Quirks: she always flips her hair, or does this weird growling sound.

    Name: Dryden Cato Ronan
    Height:6’ 2’
    Physical Identification: he’s tall and muscular, slightly tanned. The first thing most people notice about him is his deep black eyes, which have earned him the nickname Nightmare. His hair is all black as well, adding to the nickname. His hair is long on top and short on the sides, flopped to either side.
    Skill(s): super speed, strength, and intelligence. He also has laser eyes and a gun that can come out of his right arm
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): sometimes shoots people with lasers or guns on accident
    Likes: wolves, his abilities, Firestein, evilness
    Dislikes: his father, and sister
    Quirks: always taps his fingers
    Other: he’s a primary physcopath…
    Signs of this: uncaring
    show no emotions
    lie without feeling shame
    can't plan for the future
    easily aggravated, very violent-very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence.

    Name:the Rooster because he needs a character sheet cause he's a hero too.
    Age: like 6 months
    Height: like 6 inches
    Physical Identification: is a gray Japanese bantam rooster with short legs

    Skill(s): he has enhanced chicken powers, he can fly for a long time and hover, has amazing day vision, has a super loud voice, spurs as sharp as daggers, and he has super strength so he can bust out of your average chicken coop. He can teleport when Aubrey does if she holds on to him, because he is technically a part of her, he is also fast, has endurance, and is highly evasive and agile
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): he is a chicken with only slightly higher than average chicken intelligence. Oh, and Aubrey can make him not exist, because she created him.
    Likes: stuff that chickens like, Aubrey, Noel, the heroes
    Dislikes: That lady who took Noel, and the Hydra and bad guys
    Quirks:not now

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