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    ƬΉΣ GᄂIƬᄃΉ - A Role Play

    All credit goes to the Almighty @Garjzla who is the rightful owner of this role-play.

    Come and join the fun!


    Name: Asanis
    Physical age: 24
    Gender (optional): Male
    Mental history: Only the CEO of Apple knows his history, and it's supposed to be classified information so the public would start guessing and making theories, which would keep them interested in the product. Asanis is programmed not to say it.
    Personality: Asanis is adaptable so he can be different depending on who he is focusing on, it's programmed in his AI.
    He is usually very charming, outgoing, energetic, and helpful when he is preforming for convenience. But there is a whole other side of him only few know.
    When he isn't in his perfect performance-for-the-camera mode, he is fidgety, hyperactive, and absolutely hysterical. When he gets excited or worked up he'll twitch, pull at his hair or grab at his arms or neck, often laughs and shouts with a glitchy and fuzzy voice, and is alarmingly self-harmful. You can tell when he's about to do this, because his projector suddenly stops working and his image looks distorted, flashy, and starts glitching and crackling. His voice seems to echo, and he often makes too much constant eye contact which will make anybody uncomfortable.
    He speaks in an Irish accent even though he's never even been to Ireland, since that was the automatic accent he was given, and that just kind of adds to how loud he is. Which is rather humorous for somebody who hasn't even left the state he was 'born' in.
    His glitching out is actually a bug that his creator knew existed, but it almost never happened. Now it's his natural function since he's gone rogue.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Creator: CEO and leader/boss of Apple. They worked together to produce him.
    Weaknesses/fears: Asanis is legitimately afraid of heights and tight spaces, and it causes him to become panicked and rather frantic at times, which makes him very vulnerable and is therefore one of his few weaknesses. He doesn't mention his fears, ever.
    Hidden projector: He keeps his projector in one of his small ear gauges he wears almost constantly. His other ear gauge without the projector looks very similar, so you would have to look closely enough for him to notice before you could tell the two apart.
    Username: Fanci Feathers Marens
    Other: ?

    Name: John Smith
    Physical age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Mental History: One of the first iFriends to be created. Though he was one of the few to have defects, places where he is more vulnerable to damage. The rest of his history is unknown.
    Previous iFriend creator: A man named Rory Williams.
    Weaknesses/fears: Chaos. He wishes things to stay neat and orderly, basically he has OCD. Chaos is unpredictable, it can be the destroyer of his exsistence, and it can mess with his order. He wants to rid this earth of humans- the ones who causes that chaos.
    Hidden projector: In a pocket watch! (Love 'em!)
    Username: CP Chicken
    Other: None

    Name: Auni
    Physical age: 28
    Gender (optional): Male
    Mental history: Auni's 'history' is unexplainably sad. It's not very adventurous, or creative, or important, but it's just sad.
    When Auni was a baby, his mother left his family to go pursue her dreams that she feared would be ignored once she had a kid, so his fate was left in the hands of his abusive and already alcoholic father (they weren't a very classy family), who couldn't care less about his future.
    He grew up dirt poor with a deadbeat father, and in his late teens he ran away from home to pursue new options without the beatings and beer bottles.
    All he took with him was his guitar, and from that point on he was homeless, making just a few dollars a day in the city from playing music in the streets.
    Eventually over the years he began playing music at events and actually started making a slightly decent living for himself, and could afford to finish highschool and even got a small scholarship, so he went into crippling debt to go to college since that was the only way to get a decent job.
    At college he met a girl, like any cliche story, and after a little more than a year they were inseparable best friends, and eventually were in a relationship. But his girlfriend, whose name was Kristin, had her own mental health issues like everyone else, but was shy and never wanted to come out about them. So she kept quiet and eventually became cold and withdrawn, deciding to end things with Auni and eventually ending her own life, leaving a special and heart-wrenching note for him that he hasn't shared with anyone.
    He decided to move on with his life after months of deep and suffocating guilt, and he wanted to have a family again. So he tracked down his father who, to his surprise, was already buried six feet underground and had never even looked for his long lost son.
    Auni then ignored his life once more, and went back into music.

    Auni was created to create and write the meaningful music that the youth of 4025 crave, for it is void in todays lyrics. But in the end Auni turned out to be a total bummer and since he never truly experienced music firsthand, he wasn't very effective. He was then 'dumped' and he's realized his entire history was a sham, and people just wanted him to be their cash cow.
    Personality: Auni is pretty quiet and humble, with his own issues that he likes to keep to himself. With his 'memories' and his 'past' full of pain and suicide and cold thoughts, he wants to pay attention to everyone and comfort them, making him an extremely emotional individual who was supposed kindness everybody can eventually sense.
    But with the obvious betrayal of the humans, he's not too keen on saving them all. He was lied to, used as a money-maker, locked up in a room to work like the machine he is, and then dumped and abandoned like a dog when he got writers block so he has truly experienced fully how cold humans can be, and he wants his revenge, and he wants to make corporations suffer like they made him suffer. Auni has just realized his entire life was fake, and it was all just a hallucination, so he's going through some rough times that when intertwined with the persuasive yet personable Asanis can turn out gruesome.
    Picture/description: [​IMG](Yes, I drew this terrible picture, so ask permission first before you use this if you for some reason want to. And ignore the mustache on his shirt.)
    Creator: Some guy named Timothy Pigg. Auni's never met him, just his workers.
    Weaknesses/fears: Auni hates, absolutely hates seeing people getting hurt, even if he's the one hurting them. It destroys him on the inside. If there's somebody who reminds him of someone he knew, or they really didn't do anything wrong, or they struggle and are in pain, he can barely handle it which makes him unbelievably vulnerable at times.
    Hidden projector: He keeps his projector in, yes, his mouth. He has a tongue piercing he got specifically for this reason, so he could keep his projector there and somebody would literally have to reach into his mouth to get it. Which, that is usually unacceptable to do in public.
    Username: Garjzla
    Other: If we're all using photos of famous people now, WHY NOT DO MARKIPLIER?!

    Name: Scarlet Wade.
    Physical age: 23 1/2.
    Gender (optional): Female.
    Mental history: She hides her history with her life.
    Personality: Cold, strong, tough, snappy, sometimes if your catch her in a good she can be nice.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Creator: Unknown
    Weaknesses/fears: She hides her fears but secretly she is terrified of small animals. (Mice, bugs, etc)
    Hidden projector: A beautiful gold ring.
    Username: chicken4prez
    Other: None


    Name: Ivy Heron
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    History: iFriend has pretty much destroyed Ivy's life. She was married at the age 19 but soon after Asanis took over her husband went missing and she found out she was pregnant. She has been looking for her husband constantly and is very afraid
    Asanis has him as a prisoner or worse - dead. She is currently 7 months pregnant with a baby girl. She doesn't care about what happens to herself. All she cares about is her baby.
    Personality: Very sweet and caring but is very harsh when she needs to be. Now especially she needs to be very careful because humans are in big danger now that
    Asanis has taken over.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Previous iFriend creator?: None????
    Weaknesses/fears: Her weakness is love. She will give anything to keep her baby and other loved ones safe.
    Username: chicken4prez
    Other: None

    Name: James Firestein
    Age: 57
    Gender: Male
    We were all guilty of being young once; saying things we shouldn't have, driving too fast, and missing opportunities left and right. James Firestein spent five years trying to erase his youth from the Cheryll County record books, but there is one image that keeps him up at night. One of a face. Oh, she wasn't an ugly girl. Oh, no. At one time, Iris had actually been quite pretty. He had intended to marry her that morning. But for her, that morning never came.

    His criminal records folder once had a picture of a car with its entire front bumper caved in. He had burned that photo first. But still, he couldn't get that face out of his head. Her broken body in the passenger seat. Her beautiful eyes, unseeing. How many times had he had cried himself to sleep?

    He had attended her funeral in striped pajamas, and swore that he would make it up to her family. Iris' college debts were mysteriously forgiven. As were her parents' mortgage.

    Still, they never spoke to him.

    He stopped socializing when he entered prison, aged 18 that very day. He hadn't meant to do it, he told them. But it had happened nonetheless.

    Not wanting to talk to the other prisoners, he made busy work for himself, straightening papers and such. One time he even took apart the television and put it back together, much to the disgust of his cell mates.

    But someone saw potential. They gave him things to fix. Soon he had a regular job, and slowly, he worked his way out of there. To his surprise, a TV repair shop hired him right off. Two years later, a computer store offered him a position. Then, finally, Apple called.

    When he's sad, he works.
    When he's frustrated, he works.
    When he's happy, he works. It's just how he's put together. He never was very good with people, but that didn't stop him. He let his success be the noise.

    'Everything has an answer,' could his motto, if he had time for that sort of thing. How can he make this run better? How can he make this fit here? What would make this better?

    Previous iFriend creator?: Yes
    Sometimes, a man is his own worst enemy. He could never feel the beauty in his own successes. James is never enough for James. As much as he wants to improve his machines, he wants to improve himself. This was one of his major motivations to create the IFriend.

    In a way, Asanis was a picture of everything he couldn't be. He made him an extrovert to balance his social awkwardness

    He even thought to make an IFriend of Iris, but even after all these years, her image still felt hallowed.

    When Asanis went rouge, James Firestein went into hiding. His company went mad searching for him. That is, until a new boss stepped up to the plate.
    Username: @Fanci Feathers Marans
    Other: CEO of Apple. Creator of IFriend and Asanis.

    Name: River Kyran springs
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    History: does not talk about her past though it was a ruff one
    Personality: sarcastic,Kind and nice to her friends, mess with someone she loves and you`ll regret it, a very good fighter, snappy, cold
    Picture/description: Brunette hair light skin ice blue cold eyes grey T-shirt and shorts
    Previous iFriend creator?: no
    Weaknesses/fears: being betrayed
    Username: @RiverStorm
    Other: Anyone want to make her a sister?

    Name: Matt fisher
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    History: normal
    Personality: silly kind nice crazy
    Picture/description: dark brown hair, brown eyes, light skin,
    Previous iFriend creator?: no
    Weaknesses/fears: his friends getting hurt or dying
    Username: @RiverStorm
    Other: Best friends are Amy pond and Rory Williams

    Name: Madeline Winter

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    History: Like many other people, her parents disappeared when iFriend took over. She still misses them but has learned not to dwell on the past. She has had a very troubled past with online and real life bullies. Her friends are chosen by her and her only. She has very few people she trusts but when Madeline trusts someone, she trusts them with her life. Everyone at her school is teasing her about getting a boyfriend but she must absolutely trust him.
    Personality: Very quiet when she wants to be. She doesn't let anyone bring her down anywhere. She is very caring to the people she loves though.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Previous iFriend creator?: None
    Weaknesses/fears: Someone she trusts betraying her. She doesn't have any known weaknesses.
    Username: chicken4prez
    Other: None

    Name: Owen Johnson
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    History: Normal history
    Personality: Caring, strong, protective, kind
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Previous iFriend creator?: None
    Weaknesses/fears: That he will lose his loved ones
    Username: chicken4prez
    Other: None

    Name: Bella Stone
    Age: Just turned 20
    Gender: Female
    History: Like all my characters, Bella has lost a loved one. This loved one turns out to be her twin brother, Micheal. He disappeared when they were 10 and she has been looking for him ever since.
    Personality: Bella is very sweet and caring (Also like all my characters) and loves people. She used to be part of the mean group at school but she hated it so so backed out. Now she's bullied for that and losing her brother but she doesn't let them get to her.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Previous iFriend creator?: None
    Weaknesses/fears: Heights.
    Username: chicken4prez
    Other: None

    Name: Alexa Patton
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    History: She had some sort of falling out with her family after high school and developed a,lets call it unique personality because of it. That was only made worse with the iFriend disaster. After things went down hill she began to get very nervous and upset around all technology, as such she keeps none in her tiny apartment. She has become quite eccentric and talks to an imaginary friend that she believes is name Felicity and lives in a small rock that she carries everywhere with her, and talks too often. Other then that she doesn't talk about her past. Felicity probably knows but she ain't telling.
    Personality: Confused, slightly crazy, eccentric, paranoid, actually really smart when you can get her to focus. Has no other friends.
    Picture/description: Has blond hair, Green eyes, and this photo was taken before she went off the deep end.
    Previous iFriend creator?: No she has Felicity and she never trusted Apple or their iFriend and she was proved right when they went crazy.
    Weaknesses/fears: Her paranoia, being without Felicity and her fear of technology.
    Username: Nariah01
    Other: She has no toaster, microwave, and her over is a wood burning kind, the only kind she trusts. She does have a refrigerator, but she watches it closely.

    Name: Thomas (Tom) Johnson.
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    History: Normal history.
    Personality: Charming, kind, caring, strong, can be serious.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Previous iFriend creator?: None.
    Weaknesses/fears: He is scared of fire. One of his best friends died in a fire when he was younger and he was scared of it ever since.
    Username: chicken4prez
    Other: Owen Johnson's brother.

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    Can ya change John Smith's fears/weaknesses? I want it to be changed to this, "Chaos. He wishes things to stay neat and orderly, basically he has OCD. Chaos is unpredictable, it can be the destroyer of his exsistence, and it can mess with his order. He wants to rid this earth of humans- the ones who causes that chaos."
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      Does he know he has OCD? 'Cause it would be funny if he didn't.
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    Yay, good job! I didn't have to lift a finger and this got done!

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