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  1. BantamFan4Life
    As you can tell by my username, I am a big bantam fan! Here's the story how I fell in love with bantams:
    When I first start raising chickens, I got 4 standard chickens: 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Black Australorp, 1 "Light Brahma", and 1 White Leghorn. During the time I bought those chickens, I knew little about them, and I assumed all breeds were easy to tame. A month after I got those chickens, I lost my "Light Brahma" (I actually think she was a bantam Brahma, since she was SO small), as all the other pullets piled on top of her next to the waterer, and she drowned. So, the 3 other pullets grew up. The Orpington was the only chicken that ended up becoming my pet, which disappointed me. I didn't realize that some breeds were naturally skittish. Then, I heard about bantams, and I needed some.
    My Leghorn, Stacy
    My Black Australorp, Lacy
    My Buff Orpington, Honey

    I got two bantams: 1 Blue Silkie and 1 Buff Laced Polish bantam. The Polish ended up being a rooster, so I had to give him away. On the other hand, my Silkie grew up to be a pullet, but she was a spasm, aggressive to the other hens, and ALWAYS broody. I sold her to someone two years later.


    My Buff Laced Polish, Rudy
    My Blue Silkie, Sweety
    Rudy and Sweety together

    Despite that my first two bantams weren't all that great, I got another batch of 5 chicks: 3 Porcelain d'Uccles and 2 Mottled Houdans. 1 Houdan and 1 d'Uccle grew up to be rooster, so I gave them away. The other 3 chickens were wonderful and sweet. They are what got me into bantams (I count the Houdan as a bantam because she is really small for a Houdan).
    The chicks
    My Mottled Houdan, Victoria
    My Porcelain d'Uccle, who is my favorite chicken, Lily
    My Porcelain d'Uccle with a crooked beak, Dannielle

    Time went by, I got another batch of 3 bantams (although, two of them died of illness and the other became an aggressive rooster).
    My Golden Neck d'Uccle, Summer (R.I.P. September 12th, 2013-April 10th, 2014, she died of an unknown illness)
    My Black Cochin Bantam, Odysseus

    My Ameraucana bantam, Ivan (R.I.P.,September 12th, 2013-January 7th, 2014 He died of an unknown illness)

    Later, I got a batch of 10 bantams (5 Mille Fleur d'Uccles and 5 Gray Japanese bantams).Two chicks died from the stress of the shipment. There were 3 roosters from the last batch, and the Japanese bantams I had to add to my order to meet the minimum. I sold the two Japanese bantam hens, and I wasn't able to give away the roosters. I kept the four remaining d'Uccles (I got 3 hens, 1 rooster) for breeding.






    The chicks

    Now, I have 8 chickens (although I recently lost a d'Anver bantam I bought at a show and one of the d'Uccle hens from the last batch in two hawk attacks).
    R.I.P., April, August 2012-February 15th, 2015

    R.I.P., Sage, March 22nd, 2014-February 8th, 2015

    Here are some of my best photos:
    UPDATE: R.I.P. Lily March 11th, 2013-July 31st, 2015
    I love this picture--it is the shadowy image of one of the most beautiful animals on the planet--the chicken.

    Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment below.

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  1. kidcody
    Lovely chickens!
  2. lovechicks1293
    how do you start a page like this?
  3. lovechicks1293
    SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty! i love the cherry blossom behind some of the chickens! Rudy is BEAUTIFUL!
  4. ninjawesome
    Gotta love them D'uccles!
  5. Cluckcluck1215
    I love your your birds.sorry you had to give away your Roos and sorry for your losses.well,I guess that's what you have to expect for having pets.i had a lot of my pets die and I always say "I'll never for give myself for this!i'll never get pets again.but I do.
  6. Wendy High
    X10 does not even begin to express the gratitude for the story and photos. Thank you for taking the time to share. Both are gorgeous. There are 4 or 5 that are award winners.
  7. rmickelson44
    Wow great story. And awesome pictures. Beautiful chickens. Thanks...
  8. sunny & the 5 egg layers
    Beautiful birds, especially Lily.
  9. Sally Sunshine
    clapping!!! your an amazing photographer!!! love your flock!
  10. chickenshiha
    really pretty birds but sound like you have a disease in your flock sorry about that
  11. BoomChickaPop
    Congrats Bantamfan4life for winning POW Now I want a porclein d'ucle
  12. chicken4prez
    My name is Lily!

    Beautiful flock by the way!
  13. CherriesBrood
    I love your flock! I am getting 8 bantams that are coming in 4 days! I can't wait! Thanks for sharing! c:
  14. ChickenLover200
    Congrats on chicken picof the week!!
  15. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  16. Wendy High
    I am a bantam fan too. Those are some beautiful birds. Sorry for ur loss.
  17. Wendy High
    I am a bantam fan myself. Those are really good pics. And beautiful birds. Sorry for ur loses.
  18. MadamPoofyBrow
    Love your birds! I love mille fleurs of any type, but haven't tried d'uccles yet. They're beautiful!
    Rudy reminds me of a roo I used to have, named George. He was MEAN.
    Lily was beautiful!
  19. Snow bunny
    The most beautiful chooks. Love Rudy's hairstyle. Victoria has a good hairstyle too. They look a bit like me as my hair tends to stick up too.
  20. Bnemi
    Sorry for all the losses
  21. chicken4prez
    Love your flock! My name is Lily;)
  22. kikiruru
    love your chicken pictures
  23. MagpieDucks
    Where did you get the porcelains?
  24. MelissaZeno
    Beautiful chickens!
  25. Libertyrose03
    So sad for your lost :( your best pics on the bottom are just soooooo beautiful!
  26. DebFR
    Great photos of a colorful flock. You are inspiring me to get out there with the camera.
  27. Cynthia12
    You have beautiful birds! As I said in the ovation, that last one belongs in a calender. I also love a photo I saw somewhere else, I think of Lily..by some type of flower..that is Lavender? Just beautiful. See ya on the Quote thread and welcome wagon thread. :)
  28. whoop whoop
    I adore Bantams and think your phots are amazing - my little black hen like yours but with the 'feet' is sitting on eggs at the mo -so will post when the big day happens.
  29. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful bantams, I love Bantams too.
  30. Chickenchick11
    I love your birds! They're so pretty!
  31. sara1226
    What gorgeous chickens!
  32. whoop whoop
    What stunning birds, I thought all Bantams had fluffy feetor is that a breed thing?
  33. Miniflock
    Beautiful birds! What breed was Sage? Lovely colour.
  34. DigMyChicks
    Beautiful pictures! I love flowers and chickens and taking pictures!
  35. twfernandez
    Fantastic photos!
  36. BantamFan4Life
    She was a Mille Fleur d'Uccle.
  37. Nede
    Sage was so pretty, sorry for you losing you bird. What breed was she?
  38. lovemybudgie517
    Great pictures.....those Orpington's are one of my favorite birds. I find them as a friendly, healthy, stocky, beautiful, great laying breed!
    Mine were so tamed (by me) that they would jump on my back if I was bent down working....they were always jumping into my lap if I sat....they would follow me and almost act like they wanted to help me if I had a project going. Great birds.
  39. Americano Blue
  40. ChickyChickens
    WOW!! Nice pics!!! Love your birds, beautiful!
  41. reba353
    Bueatiful birds, your pictures are amazing!
  42. Whittni
    Aww, I'm sorry for your losses. Lily is Beautiful. I reccomend a fully enclosed chicken run to protect your hens when you're not outside monitoring them.
  43. lovepeeps
    love the floral pictures. You have a good eye
  44. Mountain Peeps
    Your pictures are stunning! Lovely birds! I love that pic of Summer resting her head on Odysseus! 
  45. mymilliefleur
    Beautiful flock!! I love the names and pictures!
  46. Book Em Danno25
    Beautiful Flock!!

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