“Pollo Château”

By ChickAudie · Feb 27, 2013 · Updated May 3, 2013 · ·
  1. ChickAudie

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  1. ChickAudie
    Well, I was in such a hurry to get the chickens and their pooh outside, I didn't take many photos of the last few steps. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask away!!
    Thanks again everyone for your wonderful comments!!
  2. Bogtown Chick
    Amazing! I'm signing on to see how this all turns out. I love it so far! cute, cute, cute!
  3. ChickAudie
    Thanks TacomaFarms!
  4. ChickAudie
    Bikerchicky, my nest thoughts were of a Zen Garden inspired Pagoda! Go ahead peeps and have fun with that idea!
  5. TacomaFarms
    This is awesome! Love it!
  6. bikerchicky
    You inspire me to build something great for my girls......this winter. Right now I just want to get a safe pen setup.
  7. ChickAudie
    Thanks twocrowsranch! It has been pretty fun! Thank you raygirl4386! :D
  8. raygirl4386
    love it very cute!
  9. TwoCrows
    What a cute little coop!! Looks like a lot of fun to build. :)
  10. ChickAudie
    THANKS GUYS!!! Can't wait to get the garage back and the coop OUT!
  11. TurtlePowerTrav
    Y'all got some good skilz. Nice Job!!!!!!
  12. Farmin Momma
    WESOME!!!!! That is so great.
  13. ChickAudie
    I can't argue with you ChemicalchiCkns! I would add a great miter saw :0) The curved doors weren't nearly as hard as they look. I seriously tied one end of a string to a thumb tack and the other to a pencil, push the pin in my center and voile! instant half circle, no painful measuring!
  14. ChemicalchiCkns
    This discovers great Skill and Application
  15. ChickAudie
    Thank you RainMom!
    OK, so I giggled when I read your post, because I am guilty! There are 15sqft + 5sqft (or so) for the nesting boxes. I will have 8 chicks (6 if anyone asks!) where I'm only allowed 6. So if I narrow it down to 4sqft/chicken and add in the nest box space, I'm over by 3 chickens! They will be allowed out in the yard daily, since someone is always home (and could hide two chickens, if needed). I also read that 4 chickens/nest box, so I hope to be good there. Oh, and it's pretty tall, so I plan to angle the tree branch upward to utilize all the floor space I can.
  16. RainMom
    that's super fancy! How many hens do you think it will fit?

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