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Backyard Chickens Webpage!

A little about my childhood chicken background:

Grew up with chickens around all the time. About the only thing I knew about chickens is Mom got fresh eggs every day from the hens and she would make the best desserts (choc chip cookies, cakes, coconut cream pie, etc.). Never really even paid any attention to the chickens except for carrying scraps out to them. I sure missed out on so much back then from what I know now. I guess I was too busy with my dogs and cats as pets.

How I got started loving chickens:

My daughter started out in 2010 getting chicks to raise and show at the County Fair. That started us in backyard chicken ownership. Well, anyway I now LOVE chickens. They have SO MUCH PERSONALITY! Love just sitting in a lawn chair hanging out with my family, dogs, cat, horses, goat and the chickens. Our dogs have been trained to set outside with us around the chickens and to help us get the stubborn ones back in their coops in the late evening before dark hits. Our Heeler / Border Collie mix will even flush them out of the weeds/shrubs along the edge of the property. She loves to have a job and enjoys the shade around the coops (tarps strapped from fence posts on both sides of the coops). Both dogs love to help us.

Where our chicken loving has taken us to:

My daughter is the owner of our Backyard Poultry Business: RKR Poultry Farms.
She and I built a website for the business:
My daughter shows chickens in Poultry Shows all throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas. All of our chickens are Exhibition Chickens. She has numerous ribbons and awards from showing her chickens.

Products from our Farm:

.We sell Farm Fresh Eggs
.We sell Fertile eggs from Exhibition Chickens for incubating
We sell Baby chicks by Special Pre-Paid Order.
We sell Adolescent and Adult Chickens.
We sell Chicken Feathers for various uses.
We sell Feed Sack Tote Bags made from either chicken feed sack, goat feed sacks, or horse feed sacks.
We sell Jewelry that we make using the feathers adding glass and/or metal beads for accent.

What other things do I spend my time on:

I am a Southern Baptist Pastors Wife. Much of my time is given lovingly in service to God. I am a devoted wife and mother who loves Jesus Christ and wants you to know that you are loved too.
I spend a great deal of time helping my daughter with her chickens, goat, dogs, cat and horses. We as a family enjoy caring for our animals and taking chickens to Poultry shows.
I am a web designer and enjoy designing websites. I specially like designing for churches and providing lost cost websites for churches to help get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out to the world wide web.

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